How to add related products to the product page

By default, all Shopify themes include a Related Products snippet that shows alternative products on a collection page. These are titled as either Related Products, More in this collection, or Explore depending on the theme that you're using.

The products shown are always products that are from the same collection that the customer was viewing prior to choosing a product, regardless of any other collections that a product belong to.

Unfortunately, at this time within Shopify, there is not an option to choose which products have a relationship with each other. The only way that you can do this at this time is to extend Shopify's interface by using an app:

To see all available apps that offer this take a look at:

All apps are built by developers who are members of the Shopify Partners scheme and are supported by that developer. Each has their own varying costs and it is recommended that you reach out to the developer of the app that you are considering to ask any questions prior to committing to purchase.

We are not able to test every app but below are several that we have encountered with our own customers and have heard glowing reports from:

Directed Edge

Please note that these are offered as a guide only and have no affiliation with us, nor do we receive any promotion or kickbacks for linking to these.