Testament Theme: Disable Product Image Zoom


In this article, we will give you steps to disable the product image zoom on the Testament theme.

For Testament Themes After Version 6

If you have a theme version 6+ follow these steps…

Step 1

From your Shopify Admin go to Online Store > Themes, next to the theme you want to edit click the Actions menu and select Edit Code. In the folder menu on the left-hand side open Assets > theme.js.liquid. Using Ctrl (command) F search the file for…

(function zoom()

Step 2

Find each section of code shown in grey above in the image and select the code and press Ctrl (command) / to comment out the entire section of code. 

Save your changes, and you will see the zoom function is now disabled on all products.

For Testament Themes Before Version 6

If you have a theme version below 6 follow these steps…

The Product Image Zoom in the Testament theme requires images to be a minimum of 1200px tall x 800px wide to be shown effectively.

This works by taking the original image that you upload to each product and showing it in a zoom window when the smaller version shown on the product page is hovered.

If your image isn't bigger than that already shown on the page the zoom can't be shown as an increase in size.
To disable the zoom follow these steps...

  1. Click on Themes > Customize Theme > Edit Code > Assets > stylesheet.css.liquid
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  3. Copy and paste the following code in:

    div.zoomWindow {  display: none! important; }
    div.zoomLens {   opacity: 0! important;}<br>
  4. Click Save when done.