How do I make my Amazon Payments button bigger?

If you have enabled Amazon payments within your Shopify store and see the button appearing small on the page this is because we use a small style to limit the size of payment icons which pre-dates the addition of the Amazon payments option within Shopify.

To override the size of this button and allow it to be seen in full it is a very simple and quick style change.

In your Shopify Admin click on Themes > Customize Theme > Actions > Edit Code
on the next page open Assets > stylesheet.css.liquid scroll to the bottom of the page and paste in the following after all other code:

.amazon-payments-pay-button {
    clear: left! important; 
    display: block! important; 
    width: 100%! important; 
    margin-top: 10px; 
img.alt-payment-list-amazon-button-image {
    width: 144px! important; 
    height: initial! important; 

Click save when done, this will allow the Amazon payments button to show at full size.