Fashionopolism Theme: Multiple Currencies

This guide walks you through the setup for the Multiple Currencies in your Shopify theme.

First click on Settings > General in your Shopify admin.
Under the Standards and Formats section Look for  Currency Next to this click the  Change formatting link.

The first 2 fields:  HTML with Currency and  HTML Without Currency will look similar to this:

${{amount}} USD


These will need to be wrapped with a span element.
Add this to the beginning of both..

<span class=money>  
and this to the end ....

So that they appear like this:

<span class=money>${{amount}} USD</span>
<span class=money>${{amount}}</span>

Click save when done,

Now Click on Themes > Customize theme > General settings in your main admin and open the section titled:  Money Options

Here you can choose to show a Currency Selector for customers to choose their preferred currency.
This currency selector connects automatically to to give the most current exchange rates to customers.

You may choose a Money Format - Money with Currency should be used if you are using several options that use the Dollar symbol... For instance:  CAD, USD, AUD

The Default Currency should always be the same as that used within the:
Settings > General > Standards & Formats > Currency section of your admin.