7. Mr Parker Theme: Understanding Theme Sections

What can be found in the Sections tab?

The sections tab is where you will find the settings and configurations for the exact template you have selected in the template picker. You will also find the settings for the Header, Footer, and Mobile Navigation. The available settings in the sections tab will change depending on the template your viewing.

What are Editable + Re-orderable Sections?

Editable sections are chunks of editable content with a specific layout that can be reused on your site homepage. For example, the featured collections section or slideshow section. Editable sections can be  re-ordered  using drag and drop and can be repeated when you have different content but need the same layout. Editable sections may also be deleted and then re-added later.

What are Editable + Re-orderable Blocks?

While editable sections may define an area of content, editable blocks make up the content of each section. For example, a slideshow is a section, but a slide within the slideshow section would be a block. Like editable sections, editable blocks can be added, re-ordered with drag and drop or deleted from their section. This makes it simple for you to change the order in which images appear within a slideshow section. The best part, adding sections or blocks to your store does not require code editing!

What are Fixed Sections?

You will notice as you navigate through your site, while in the theme editor, there are a few Sections under the Sections tab that remain fixed. In the Mr Parker theme, the fixed sections are Header, Footer, and Mobile navigation. These sections are fixed because they appear on all templates of your site. Fixed sections cannot be repeated or re-ordered.

Where else can we use sections?

The homepage of your Shopify theme is the only page that can have editable and re-orderable sections.

The other templates within the Mr Parker theme are Collection pages, Product pages, Static pages, Blogs and Blog articles. These templates are their own sections and include blocks of content and settings. The options that you choose while viewing one of these templates will apply to all pages with the same template. For example, if you are view a single product page and make section changes, those changes will apply to every single product, not just the product you're viewing at the time.

Unfortunately, at this time you can not create sections or blocks within individual pages, these can only be assigned to templates.

Where can I find out more about Shopify's sections?

For more information on sections within your Shopify editor view Shopify's full documentation here.