1. Installing the Icon theme

In this article, we will go through the quick process of installing your Icon Theme

Purchased Theme from Shopify

If you have purchased the Icon theme from Shopify directly, then it is automatically installed as an unpublished theme in your Shopify admin.

Purchased Theme from We Are Underground

If you purchased the Icon theme from us directly here at weareunderground.com, then you should have received an email to download  the  icon.zip  file . Once you have downloaded  the  icon.zip  file  to your computer, you can begin the quick and easy process of installing the theme.

Step 1

Go to your Shopify admin navigate to Online Store > Themes. Close to the bottom of the page, you will see More Themes below that click the Upload Theme button.

Step 2

Click Choose File, find the  theme  .zip  file  located on your computer, click Open, then Upload.

Step 3

It may take a minute, but your Icon theme should be uploaded, and it can be found in the More Themes section below Theme Name. At this point, your theme is installed, but not published or live on your site. If you want to work on configuring your theme, but do not want it live you can click Actions > Preview to view the unpublished theme. When you're ready to publish your theme, next to the Icon theme, click Actions > Publish.