8. Icon Theme: Setting up the Header

In this article, we will go through the process of setting up the Header Section

The  Icon theme has many options for controlling the layout, look, and style of the header. Here is a breakdown of the options, what each will do when adjusted, and how to set it up.

Header Settings

Show the header and navigation at full-screen width. If you keep this unselected, it will be constrained to a maximum width of 1200px.

Message bar - Add a message in the top bar informing customers of Sales, Shipping deals or just a welcome message. With independent control for text size.

Logo - Add a logo image. Control the logo width and logo position within the header. If you do not upload an image the logo defaults to text only and you have options to choose the logo text case and weight.

Note - Center aligned logo is only advised on stores with minimal navigation links

Cart Links Position - Choose if you want the search and cart links in the header or top bar of the site.

Cart or Bag Icon - Toggle a Cart or bag Icon, when using bad it is advisable to edit your themes language set up to use Bag consistently instead of Add to Cart and My Cart etc.

Float header over slideshow - On the homepage only it will show the header and navigation floating over the top of the slideshow instead of within its own dedicated section above. A bottom border can also be added.

Navigation Style - Choose between a full or mobile (hamburger icon) layout for your main navigation. Then choose which menu will be the primary navigation you want to show by clicking the Main menu.