11. Icon Theme: Setting up the All Collections Page

In this article, we will go through how to set up the All Collections (also known as Collections list) page, which shows each collection in your shop. 

To view your, all collections page (also known as Collections list) open your Shopify store and add /collections to your URL or by adding a link in your main menu to the "All collections" option.

The all collections page for the Icon theme shows the first for products in all of the collections that you have created within your store. 

Step 1

To edit the all collections page, from your theme editor go to the template picker and choose Collections list.

Collection list settings

Banner Image - The first option is to add a banner image that will span the full width of the all collections page. It is recommended to use an image that has a 3:1 ratio and a minimum pixel width of 1920px wide, if you're unsure how to adequately prepare your images then be sure to read our Preparing Images article.

Text - This is an area to add a text description to this page for some valuable SEO and to also guide customers through what the are viewing.

Display - Choose here what type of content you would like to feature within your collection list. You can feature All collections, Featured products or Selected collections

Collection list Content

Within the content area, this can be used to feature specifically selected collections to build your collection list page

Be sure to click the save button once you have chosen your settings.