Icon Theme: Setting up the All Collections Page

The All collections  / Collection list page is normally automatically generated by Shopify showing all of the collections that exist in your store in alphabetical order. Icon includes options that allow you to reformat and bring some control to this page.
To view this page in your store add  /collections to your URL or by adding a link in your main menu to the "All collections" option.

To edit this page, from your theme editor go to the template picker and choose  Collections list.

Section settings:

  • Banner Image 
    Add a banner image that will show at the top of your All Collections page.
    This will span the width of the browser so it is recommended to use an image that has a 3:1 ratio and a minimum pixel width of 1920px wide. Be careful not to make this image too tall as it will push your content down the page, 600px - 800px works well
  • Text & Alignment
    The Collection list page does not have an admin area within your Shopify dashboard. This is an area to add a text description to this page for some valuable SEO and to also guide customers through what they are viewing.
  • Display
    Featured products: 
    Instead of collections this will show a small number of featured products from the Collections that would be delivered to this page.

    All Collections:
    This will show in it's natural state with all collections in your store being shown alphabetically

    Selected  Collections:
    This will show only the collections that you are able to choose using the Add content collection blocks in the sidebar - these Collections will show in the order that you arrange them.