13. Icon Theme: Setting up the Product Page

In this article, we will go through how to set up the Product page

By default, the Product page shows the product image gallery (with the thumbnails to the left), the vendor, price, variants, description, and related products (in the same collection).

Product Page Section Settings

There are some additional section settings in the theme editor that you can configure for the product page, but it is important to know that these settings will apply to all product pages, globally across the site, not just a single product page. To access these settings, you will go to the theme editor and click on the template picker and choose Product Page.

Enable Image Zoom

Enable image zoom toggles the display of a zoom in which is shown when your product main image is hovered. By default, this will show the original image uploaded for your product within the zoomed in view. Therefore it is imperative to upload high-resolution images with a minimum of 1200px x 700-800px in size.

Thumbnail position

Thumbnail position allows you to choose to show additional image thumbnails to the left or right of the main image of your products.

Show Vendor & Variant SKU

Show Vendor allows you to toggle the vendor visibility, which shows by default. Show variant SKU toggles the visibility of the SKU assigned to your products variants, by default this is hidden.

Product Page Note

Product page note adds a brief text section to your product pages to inform customers of any promotions or shipping deals that you have. This note will be seen on all products and will be the same for all products. It is not possible to have different note messages for different products without hiring a custom developer.