14. Icon Theme: Setting up the Blog

In this article, we will go through the process of setting up the blog and blog article page

By default, the blog page shows blog articles (with pagination) and a blog sidebar that has recent articles, articles by tag, and a Facebook Like Box.

You can change some of the default options in the theme editor by going to Blogs in the template picker.

Blog Banner

Add a blog banner by choosing an image, description, and text alignment. The heading will be the name of your blog. The description supports bold text, italic text and adding links.

Blog banner image settings

Blog Description and Align Text

Displays a description for the blog that is used across all the blogs on the theme. The align text option sets the alignment of the blog description and be set to either left or center.

Show Tags and Show Post Author

Toggle displaying the tags and post author of the blog post underneath the post's excerpt.

Post Excerpt Background Color and Text Color

Set the colors of the blog posts excerpt's background color and text color.

Blog Promos and Banners

The blog promo section is a great place to link to different blog categories (posts by tag) or even to important collections in your shop.  You can show up to three promos with image, title, and link.

Can display promotional images that take a third of the page's width or full width banner images.

Blog Article Page

The blog article page has options to toggle displaying the tags, post author and social icons. 

Featured Blog Posts

Beneath the blog post article is an area to showcase featured blog posts. Up to three featured blog posts can be displayed in this section. The header of the section can be changed to something that fits the sections. 

Add Re-orderable Sidebar Sections

The blog post article supports a sidebar with re-orderable content sections including a menu, recent posts, collection, image or text can be added to the sidebar.

Menu - Set to display a menu in the sidebar.

Recent posts - Select a blog to display up to five recent posts from. Displays each recent blog post's image and title. 

Collection - Displays one to ten product from a selected collection.

Image - Displays an image, a link can be set that clicking the image will redirect to.

Text - Displays text content with support for bold, italics and links.

Be sure to click the save button once you have chosen your settings