Icon Theme: Setting up the Blog

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Blog page section settings

To edit your Blog, in the theme editor template picker dropdown choose Blogs or alternatively navigate to your blog

Banner image

Upload a banner image that will span the full width of the browser. Be careful to not make this too tall as it will force content down the page.
We recommend an image 1800px x 400px - 500px tall for this.
Blog Description
Displays a description for your blog that is used across all the blogs on the theme.

Layout as a grid
Formats the layout of your blog posts to show in a 3 column grid where the featured image is shon above the title and any included blog excerpt.
If unchecked the layout will show the blog posts one per row in an alternating layout where Blog featured images are shown aside the title and description content.

Show Tags
Toggle displaying the tags included within this Blog which when clicked will show all posts that share the same tag

Post Excerpt colors
Set the colors of the blog posts excerpt's background color and text color.

Blog page content

The blog content section allows you to add some promotional images that are shown at the top of the blog page above your posts.
These are useful to bring attention to other areas of your store. By clicking Add Content you can choose to add promo images, assign a title and links to them.

Blog post (Article) settings

The blog article page is where you will see a single article in full. Blog posts have their own that toggle the visibility of content

  • Show tags
    Toggles the display of tags assigned to this Blog posts that link to other posts that share the same tag
  • Show Post Author
    Toggles the display of the author of this blog post
  • Show social icons
    Toggles the display of social sharing icons for Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Featured Blog Posts
Beneath the blog post article is an area to showcase featured blog posts. Up to three featured blog posts can be displayed in this section. The header of the section can be changed to something that fits the sections. 

Blog post (Article) content

The blog post article supports an optional sidebar with re-orderable content sections including a menu, recent posts, collection, image or text.

  • Menu
    Set to display a menu in the sidebar.
  • Recent posts
    Select a blog to display up to five recent posts from. Displays each recent blog post's image and title. 
  • Collection
    Displays a featured collection of
  • Image
    Displays an image, a link can be set that clicking the image will redirect to.
  • Text
    Displays text content with support for bold, italics and links.