Icon Theme: Setting up the Newsletter Subscription

In this article, we will go through the process of setting up the  popup newsletter subscription box using MailChimp. 

The  Icon theme contains a popup newsletter subscription box that customers will see when they enter the site.

The popup contains a cookie which remembers that the customer has visited your site and stops the popup box from being displayed on that customer's browser for another seven days.

You can enable or disable this popup from the theme editor by clicking the  theme settings tab and opening the Popup section. The rest of the setup for the newsletter subscription will be dependent on what version of the Icon Theme you're using.

Instructions for Icon Theme Versions After Version 5

If you are using  Icon Theme Version 5+, the email signup form displayed within your theme will take the customers information submitted and add it directly to the Customers section of your Shopify admin. Then to sync these new customers from your Shopify Admin to your email newsletter list you will need to add a Shopify app. We suggest using MailChimp for your email newsletters, MailChimp offers a free account up to 2,000 subscribers and has a free Shopify app for syncing. You can download the MailChimp app at https://apps.shopify.com/mailchimp

Other apps also exist to use with your preferred email services including Constant Contact and Campaign Monitor  http://apps.shopify.com.

Features for Icon Theme Versions After Version 6.5

Starting with Icon version 6.6 there are additional features for the Mailing Popup which are not available in previous versions. 

Enable test mode - Allows the pop up to appear after every page reload instead of just once per site visit as it does with site visitors. We recommend turning this feature off so it does not appear too frequently for persons browsing the site.

Show discount code - Displays a generic discount code after the customer subscribes. We recommend creating a discount code through Shopify that can be applied to the customer's cart. Please see Shopify's guide for creating discount codes for your store here.


The Show discount code option has been removed in newer versions since Version 7.3.

Heading - Sets the heading text displayed in the pop up.

Heading size - Sets the font size of the heading.

Subheading - Sets the subheading text in the pop up.

Subheading size - Sets the font size of the subheading.

GDPR text - Displays text meant for GDPR purposes.

Button text - Sets the text seen in the sign up button.

Text color - Sets the color of the text in the pop up.

Image type - Sets the image above the pop up text content or as a background image.

Background colors - Sets the color of the pop up background.

Image - Sets the image used in the pop up.

Instructions for Icon Theme Versions Before Version 5

If you are using  Icon Theme with any version below five, you will need to connect your MailChimp account following these steps.

In the theme editor under the  theme settings tab select Popup. Check the box marked "Enable Mailing List Popup on page load." To use the mailing list function on your site, you will need a MailChimp account.

Step 1

Go to  www.mailchimp.com and sign up or sign in if you have an account. Once you have an account go to the MailChimp dashboard and select Lists.

Step 2

Create a new list of your newsletter subscribers. Once you have created a list, click on  Lists again to return to the lists overview.

Step 3

Click on your preferred list (if you have more than one). Choose  Signup forms > Embedded Forms > Super Slim. On the bottom right you will see Copy / Paste onto your site, we only need a small part of this so copy this content and paste it into a text editor like Word or Notepad. Do not copy and paste this directly into your Shopify theme.

Step 4

On Line 9, you will see code that begins  with  <form action="   copy  the full URL address in between the quotes (" and ") do not include the quotes, only the URL between them. If the text you have selected contains: method="post" you have copied too much.

Step 5

Once you have the correct section, return to your Newsletter section within your theme settings and paste this URL into the  MailChimp List URL section. Be sure to click the save button. Your MailChimp Account is now connected!

Bonus: Control the MailChimp Thank You Page

From your Shopify admin click on  Pages and create a "Thank you" page for customers to see as soon as they have subscribed to your site. This page should make customers aware that they have received an email asking them to confirm their subscription, this is part of the double opt-in process to ensure that your customers are the ones subscribing. Don't offer discount codes or any rewards here as the customer has yet to confirm their subscription!

Once you have this page ready, open it in your store and copy the URL from the web address bar at the top of your browser. Go to your MailChimp account and go to  Lists > Signup forms > General Forms > look for the section titled Forms and response emails click the dropdown and choose Signup  thank  you page. Add the link to your Thank You page in the box and save. Customers will now be directed to this page once they add their email address and subscribe.

Tip: There are other forms within this section of MailChimp that can also be redirected. It is worth taking the time to read through what these offer and customize as much content as possible to keep everything on your site consistent.

Using different email marketing providers
If you're interested in using a different marketing app like Constant Contact, Klaviyo, Fresh-mail or Campaign monitor you will need to install an app or reach out to a developer to do the customization for you. Using a tweaks service like  Hey Carson would be advisable if you do not want to rework the theme code.