Icon Theme: Setting up Currencies

n this article, we will walk you through the setup for the  Multiple Currencies in your Shopify theme.

As of Icon 7.3 , The Icon theme handles currencies using the Shopify Payments gateway.
This feature now allows Shopify to directly control your in-store currency, multiple currency options for selling in different regions as well as checkout in a localized currency for customers.

Please note: The multiple currencies feature is only compatible with the Shopify Payment gateway. 
If you are not using Shopify payments you will need to explore the Shopify app store for alternate solutions to showing multiple currencies.

Step 1:

Within your Icon theme Customize theme > Header please locate the multiple currency feature:

Enable this feature by selecting the checkbox next to Show currency selector .

Step 2

Click the Payment settings link just above the option you enabled.

It should bring you to a page that appears as follows.

This area will allow you to setup and modify your Shopify Payment gateway to display in currencies that your store prefers to sell in based on your chosen supported regions.

For a list of supported currencies by  Shopify Payment please see the link attached below:

Shopify Handbook - Shopify Payment & Multiple Currencies