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Page templates

Page templates are applied to the Pages within your store. To work with pages open: Admin > Online store > Pages
When working within a page on the right side of the screen you will see the Template header and a dropdown allowing you to choose from some available options.

The available pages in the Icon theme are:

  • page - Default, standard in all Shopify themes.
  • page.contact - Adds a contact form to the page.
  • page.custom-one - Offers increased options in the theme editor
  • page.custom-two - Offers increased options in the theme editor
  • page.custom-three - Offers increased options in the theme editor
  • page.shop-the-look - Includes a Shop the look configuration the same as the Shop the Look homepage section

Your pages will default to the standard: Page template.
Templates can be re-used for multiple pages however the options that are chosen for a template in the theme editor will be identical for all pages that are assigned to it. Custom pages should be used only once.
Page sections can be configured and chosen in the theme editor.

Page template settings

Standard page templates include a few section options to configure the look and feel of the pages that use them.

  • Page size
    Sets the width of the content of pages to a preset size
  • Sidebar position
    Choose between left and right sidebar which will include chosen content
  • Content
    • Menu - Displays a navigation menu with a dropdown accordion.
    • Collection - Displays products from a given collection. Up to 10 products can be displayed.
    • Image - Displays an image and an optional link.
    • Text - Displays text header and subheading.

Contact page template settings

When choosing the page.contact template for any of your pages a contact form will be loaded into the page on the front end (customer view) of the site, this is visible in the theme editor but will not appear in the Shopify page admin.
The contact page also includes options for configuration in the theme editor.

  • Banner image
    Display a full browser width banner image above the contact form and page content.
  • Contact form position
    Allows the form to be positioned to the left or right of content that has been included on this page from your page admin.
    The form can also be positioned below any page content that you have included.
  • Show fields
    Select which fields will be visible for input in the form
  • Custom fields
    Add up to 2 custom fields to the form

Custom page template settings

Custom pages include more options that can be configured to create an advanced layout.
Available custom page options include:

Choosing a custom page template

From your Shopify admin go to  Pages select the page you want to use. On the right-hand side for from the page template select menu choose page.custom-one, custom-two, or custom-three.
Add any text content that you would like on this page and save

Once the page is saved head over the to theme editor and navigate to your page to begin adding content.
On the left sidebar while viewing this page in the left sidebar sections tab click on Custom Page One, Two or Three ( depending on your page ).
Each block on the page can be configured and moved into a preferred order. You can add up to 40 blocks, in any combination.

Page title

The Page Title block will simply show the original page title that has been entered on the Page in the Shopify admin. In the theme settings, you can choose the heading alignment.

Page content

The Page Content block will show the content that has been entered in the Rich Text Editor on the Page in the Shopify admin. In the theme settings for this block you can choose the text alignment and content width.

Contact form

The Contact Form block will add a contact form that sends emails to your Shopify Admin email. You have the option to add a heading above the form and adjust the form width. You can also choose what form fields show, as well as add up to two custom fields depending on your needs. In our example here we added a custom field for Order # and Return or Exchange?. You can use more than one contact form on the page if needed for different purposes.

Image with text overlay

The Image with Text Overlay block is very similar to the section on the homepage. It works great as a header on products and also really great as a call-to-action at the very end of Advanced Layout Product Pages. You add a full-width background image then you can add a heading and subheading.

Text columns with images

The Text Columns with Images block is very much like the section on the homepage. It allows you to feature 1-3 text columns with or without images. Each column also has an option for a heading and text content. Each column can be a link.

Image with text

The Image with Text block allows adding a heading, text, and button, paired with an image. The position of the image can be set to either the left or right side of the text. The width of the image can be changed from 33%, 50% or 66% and will automatically adjust the amount of text room next to it. The text can be aligned left or center. A button displays when a link is provided that can link customers to a page.

The Featured Collection block will allow you to choose a collection and it will show the first 2-30 products in the selected collection. The product layout can be either in a grid or carousel. If using the carousel option then the carousel's control styles can be changed to dots or arrows.

Collection list

The Collection List block is a list of selected collections to feature. First, choose your Collection List settings, choose a grid of 2, 3 or 4 collections. Then, under content select each collection to feature up to four.

The Featured Video block allows you to feature a YouTube or Vimeo video, you have the option to show it as full-width and add a heading.


The Map block can be used to show your store location and business hours, to use Google Maps you will need to get an API   code   here.

Newsletter subscribe

The Newsletter block allows you to include a subscription form for a newsletter, it also shows your social media icons.


The Accordion can be used for page frequently asked questions, or a cleaner way to organize further details like Returns, Shipping, Materials, etc. You can add up to 10 drop downs to the accordion if you don't want to show all ten just remove the Item Heading and it will not show.

Rich text

The Rich Text section allows you to use text content on the homepage. You can use the rich text box to type your message or in content from a Shopify page.