5. Vantage Theme: Choosing the Global Theme Settings

In this article, we will go through the process of choosing the global Theme Settings, like fonts, colors, etc. 

What are  Theme Settings?

Theme settings are global configuration options for your theme that affect the website across all pages, like Colors, Fonts, etc. General settings also hold options for non-specific pages or content sections. The available settings in the theme settings tab will stay the same no matter what site page your viewing in the theme editor.

Theme Settings in Vantage

To edit the theme settings from your theme editor click on the Theme Settings tab.

Favicon - Here you can upload a small icon that is shown in the URL bar of your browser. This image must be square and will be scaled down to 32px x 32px

Typography - Here you will choose the fonts used for Headers, Navigation, and content within your store and set specific font sizes, decorations, and alignment for your content.

Colors - Here you will set up the global color palette for all shared content sections your store, header, navigation, general, product icons, product page, footer.

Global -  Available in Vantage Ver. 7This setting holds global settings that will affect multiple areas of your theme, you can alter your Homepage Section padding to add or remove space between your homepage sections, Modify your cart style for desktop so this will display in Mini Cart, Modal Cart or the Traditional Cart page feature. You can also assign the Currency converter to display.

Product - Here you will find shared options for products as they appear within your collection pages and the home page of your store where a featured collection is shown. Like switching product images on hover, showing vendor on product lists, enabling quick view. You can assign your Image Ratio, modify your product form to show Swatches or Dropdowns, and alter other features of your swatches such as displaying this in Circles or Squares, this will also allow you to choose where you upload your custom swatches.

Social media - Here you can enable the Social icons and add your own links to direct customers to your social accounts.

Mailing Popup - Here you can configure the email popup that customers will see when entering your store. All emails captured from this popup will be added to the customer's section of your Shopify admin.

Checkout  - Here you can configure color schemes and content options for your checkout. Shopify's checkout looks much different than other pages on your site, so it's important to configure these settings.