Vantage Theme: Custom collection templates

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Selecting a Custom Collection template

From your Shopify Admin open Products > Collections and open the collection that you want to use.
Look on the right-hand side for the  Theme Templates heading below this you will see a dropdown which contains several Collection templates

The theme includes 4 custom collection templates named one thorough 4 - this means you can assign up to 4 collections to custom templates if needed.
Select a custom template and click save.

Please note that in order to be able to select custom templates the theme must be published in your store.
Shopify will only show templates that exist in your currently published theme.

Choosing content

Custom collection templates contain the following selectable blocks:

  • Image With Text Overlay
  • Featured Collection
  • Collection List

Image with Text Overlay

The Image with Text Overlay block is very similar to the section on the homepage. It works great as a header on collections. You add a full-width background image then you can add a heading and subheading, the subheading shows when you hover the section. In our example, we used a simple narrow image with a texture, but you could use any image and control the height in the block settings.

  • Enable full width - Checkbox option to display full width or not.
  • No space after section - Checkbox option to add spacing beneath the section or not.
  • Image - Specify an image to display.
  • Image height - Controls the height of the image.
  • Link - Specify a link so users can click on the section to be redirected to a different page.
  • Heading - The section heading text.
  • Heading size - Controls the height of the heading.
  • Heading color - Controls the color of the heading. 
  • Text - The text content that appears beneath he heading.
  • Text size - Controls the size of the text content.
  • Text color - Controls the color of the text.

Featured Collection

The Featured Collection block will allow you to choose a collection and it will show the collection image (or you can override the collection image and upload a different one) and the collection name and description (from the collection admin). To the right or left of the image, it will show the first 2-12 products in the selected collection.

  • Collection - Specify a collection to display from.
  • Collection caption color - Controls the color of the collection title.
  • Collection image - If specified, will override the collection's image.
  • Collection image position - Controls whether the main collection image appears on the left side or right.
  • Product info color - Controls the color of the product information.
  • Products shown - Controls how many products are shown next to the collection image.
  • Show border below - Checkbox option that controls if a border is shown beneath the section or not.

Collection List

The Collection List block will allow you to feature small thumbnails with collection image and collection name of up to 12 collections. 

  • Heading - Specifies a heading to appear above the grid.
  • Heading color - Controls the color of the heading.
  • Collections per row - Controls how many collections are displayed per row.

Shop All Button

  • All custom collection templates will show the Shop All button at the bottom of the page, which links to the normal view of the collection (as shown at the very beginning of this article). If you want to change the words on this button you can do this with translations. From the theme editor go to > theme actions > Edit languages > Collections tab > under general edit Shop All.
  • Be sure to save your settings and now take a look at your new Top-Level collection! Remember once you use this template (collection.custom-one) it belongs to this collection and should not be used again.