Vantage Theme: Custom product templates

Vantage includes a selection of custom product templates which allow for more content and layout options than a standard product template.
4 Custom templates are included - each can be applied to multiple products however it is important to understand that the content selected will be identical on each product, with the exception of the product description content and product images, these will remain unique to each product

By customizing the theme settings of this product we have created an advanced layout with more content. So let's go through the steps to set up an Advanced Layout Product Page.

Choosing the Custom Template

From your Shopify Admin go to Products select the product you want to use. Look on the right-hand side for Theme Templates from the Product template select menu choose between    product.custom-one - product.custom-four. Click save when done and then open this product in the theme editor so that you can start to customize it's content.

Content options

Custom product blocks contain the following options

Product description

The Product Description block will show the content you have written in the product description in the admin. You have the option to show the Product Title or hide it, set the max-width of the text, text size, background color, and text color.

Product form

The Product Form block will show the regular product image gallery, price, swatches, and add to cart. It's important that you use this block only once, and not delete it! You are given the same options and settings as you would on a basic product page in this block.

Product size chart

The Product Size Chart will show an image uploaded to the product with the alt tag "size-chart" and when clicked will popup to view larger. You can upload more than one size chart and add a heading above them all.

To use this block you will need to go the product admin page and upload the size chart image, give the image and alt of "size-chart" any text after "size-chart" with be used on the image hover. So size-chart-ladies will show "Ladies" on the image. Save the product, and add the Size Chart block to the custom product page. As long as the image has the alt tag "size-chart" it will not show as an image in your product image gallery.

Product video

The Product Video block allows you to feature a YouTube or Vimeo video about your product, you have the option to show it as full-width and add a heading.

Product reviews

The Product Reviews block works in conjunction with the free  Shopify Product Reviews app, you will need to first install that app and then add the block to your product page. Review content will then automatically appear.

Featured Blog article

The Featured Blog Article block will allow you to choose a single blog post to feature on your product page. This works really great if you have a blog post tutorial or annoucncement about this product and you want to share it with customers to further convince them to buy the product.

The Recommended Products block allows you to choose a specific collection of products to feature on this product page. This is very helpful if you sell additional products that complement or go with the current product. If the collection you want doesn't already exist you will need to set it up and select it in the block settings.

The Text Columns with Images block is very much like the section on the homepage. It allows you to feature 1-4 text columns with or without images. Each column also has an option for a heading and subheading of text. 

Image with text overlay

The Image with Text Overlay block is very similar to the section on the homepage It works great as a header on products and also really great as a call-to-action at the very end of Advanced Layout Product Pages. You add a full-width background image then you can add a heading and subheading, the subheading shows when you hover the section. In our example, we used a simple narrow image with a texture, but you could use any image and control the height in the block settings. 

The Image Carousel w/text block is very similar to the homepage section, you can add a heading, subheading, and button, paired with a slider gallery of images. You have the choice to position the image gallery to the left or right. This section looks really good if you use two of them in a row on your homepage one with the image to the left and one to the right. You can also only upload one image and not use the sliding. 

Collection list

The Collection List block is a list of selected collections to feature. First, choose your Collection List settings, choose a grid of 2, 3 or 4 collections. Then, under content select each collection to feature up to four.


The Product Accordion can be used for product frequently asked questions, or a cleaner way to organize further product details like Returns, Shipping, Materials, etc. You can add up to 10 dropdowns to the accordion if you don't want to show all ten just remove the Item Heading and it will not show.