Vantage Theme: Adding More Custom Advanced Layout Templates

Now with new custom templates in the Vantage theme (v6.5+) you can create collections, products, and pages that give you the ability to organize your content better, eventually leading to higher conversions. This wonderful theme feature is pushing the bounds of Shopify! Out-of-the-box the Vantage theme (v6.5+) includes the following custom templates…

Custom Collection Templates 

  • collection.custom-one 
  • collection.custom-two 
  • collection.custom-three 
  • collection.custom-four

Custom Product Templates

  • product.custom-one
  • product.custom-two
  • product.custom-three
  • product.custom-fou

Custom Page Templates

  • page.custom-one
  • page.custom-two
  • page.custom-three
  • page.custom-four

With these, you are able to create up to four Top-Level Collection Pages, Advanced Layout Product Pages, and Advanced Layout Pages. If you need more templates than what is included, adding them is very easy, in this tutorial we will go through the steps to do this.

Step 1

From the Shopify Admin, go to Online Store > Themes, next to the theme you want to edit click on Actions > Edit Code.

Step 2 

In the Folder Sidebar look for the Templates folder and click Add a new template

Step 3

Select collection from the dropdown and type custom-five (or whichever number you're on) in the form. In this example we are adding another custom collection template, however, the steps are the same for Products and Pages, you would just need to choose the correct type in the dropdown.

Step 4

The new template will show a single line of code, replace 'collection-template' with 'collection-custom-five'  (or product-custom-five, or page-custom-five). Save the file.

Step 5

In the Folder Sidebar look for the folder Sections and click on Add a new section.

Step 6

Name the new section collection-custom-five (or product-custom-five, or page-custom-five). Click Create Section.

Step 7

You will see on the right, the new collection-custom-five.liquid file with generic code. You will need to copy the code from the collection-custom-one.liquid file. So from the Folder Sidebar in the Sections folder click on collection-custom-one.liquid.

Step 8

Select and copy (ctrl or command C) the entire contents of the collection-custom-one.liquid file.

Step 9

From the Folder Sidebar in the Sections folder click on collection-custom-five.liquid, erase the existing code to empty the file, then paste (ctrl or command V) the code from the other template.

Step 10

Search (ctrl or command F) the file for "Custom Collection One" and rename it to "Custom Collection Five". Save the file.

Important Note

If you have a different theme or older version of Vantage theme published and you are working on this new version as a draft, you will find out real quick there is no collection.custom-one (two, three or four) to choose from the select menu. This is because your current theme does not have these templates. To override this you will need to create these custom templates on your current theme, this won't affect your live shop at all. Follow the steps in our tutorial here.


Now you will be able to choose the collection.custom-five template for your collection and customize it in the theme settings! You can repeat these steps for as many templates as you need. And you can follow the same instructions for adding more Product and Page custom templates. To learn more about configuring the settings for these custom templates see our following tutorials…