3. Mr Parker Theme: Choosing the Theme Style

In this article, we will go through the process of choosing a Mr Parker Theme style (or sometimes called theme preset) that you will use as a starting point before you begin configuring. 

The Mr Parker Theme includes three different theme styles Christian, Dolce, and Yves. Before you choose a theme style, we will go over what a theme style is and is not.

What is a Theme Style IS

Theme styles are pre-configured options that the theme author creates using built in sections and settings in the theme. Each theme style has a demo website you can view before purchasing a theme.

What a Theme Style is NOT

Theme styles are intended to offer different layouts or styles. However, all styles contain the same general settings and sections; they do not differ from one another regarding having more configurable options. Note: If you've chosen a theme style, edit and configure it, then switch to a different theme style, it will NOT save your previous edits and configurations.

What is the value of a Theme Style?

Aside from giving you inspiration on how to make use of the theme, theme styles can be a quick starting point for setting up your theme, or configuring it to match your brand! When choosing a theme style, you will save the most time, by selecting the theme style that fits your brand most appropriately.

Choosing the Theme Style

Now that you understand what a theme style is, it's time to choose one in your Theme Editor.

Step 1

Go to your Shopify admin navigate to Online Store > Themes. Click on the blue Customize button next to your theme.

Step 2

In the Theme Editor click on Theme Settings scroll to the bottom of the settings and click Change Theme Style.

Step 3

Select a theme style and then click the blue Change Style button.

Step 4

Then select the blue Save button to finalize the change.

Note: Remember, if you change the theme style, the previously chosen styles and settings you made in the theme editor will be lost, but don't worry you will not lose any changes made in your Shopify admin.