Mr Parker Theme: Color Swatch Styles

In Mr Parker V6.5+ we added additional options to the style color swatches you can use throughout your store. In this article we will go through all three swatch styles so you can make the best decision for your shop.

The Setting

You can find this setting from your Shopify Admin by going to Online Store > Themes > next to your theme click Customize this will open the theme editor. In the theme editor click the template picker and choose Product Pages. In the left sidebar under the Sections tab look for "Color swatch style".

Default Color

The first option is Default Color, if you choose this the swatches will show a CSS color set by the browser. If you have simple color names this option should work well for you, for example white, black, blue, red, orange, purple, etc will show the coordinating HEX color built into the browser. Here is a list of all the built in browser colors and their names. In our example we have the color names of White/Pink and White/Dark Brown because of the slashes these names are to complex and do not show proper default colors.

Custom uploaded images

The second option is Custom uploaded images, if you choose this the swatches will show a PNG image you have uploaded yourself. This is the best option if you want your swatches to be an exact image and view of the color or texture of a product. We have a full tutorial on how to create and upload your custom swatches here. For our example this is the best option because we are able to take a screenshot centered between the two-tone color of the plates. 

Zoomed in variant images

The third option is Zoomed in Variant images, if you choose this option it will use the image you have assigned to the variant in your product admin and it will zoom in to the very center of the image. 

This is a really fast easy option if you have a lot of products and do not have time to create custom swatch images for them all, as long as you have assigned each variant an image, then you will instantly see zoomed in color swatches for every product.

These are the three color swatch options to choose from in the new Mr Parker V6.5+.