13. Mr Parker Theme: Setting up a Top-Level Collections Page

Top-level collection pages are just regular old collections in Shopify, but now with new custom templates in the Mr Parker theme (v6.5+) you can create collections that serve as larger top-level collections. This wonderful theme feature is pushing the bounds of Shopify and giving you the ability to organize your content better, in-turn making it easier for your customers to find products faster eventually leading to conversions.

Here is an example of a normal Mr Parker theme collection page…

Now here is an example of a normal collection page, but using a custom template to create a Top-Level collection…

By customizing the theme settings of this collection we have created the effect that Shop All is a top-level collection housing medium size collections like Home Decor and Kitchen & Dining, and smaller collections like Bed & Bath, Stationary, and Accessories. This helps to organize the long list of products in the collection for a more precise organization.

So let's go through the steps to set up a Top-Level collection page.

Step 1: Choosing the Custom Template

From your Shopify Admin go to Products > Collections > select the collection you want to use. Look on the right-hand side for Theme Templates from the Collection template select menu choose collection.custom-one and save the collection settings. ***Now before you continue there is a very important fact you must know about custom templates, once you use collection.custom-one on a collection, you do not want to use it again or it will create a duplicate collection. You can only use this template once! If you want to create another custom collection use the template collection.custom-two and so on up to four. The Mr Parker theme includes four custom templates if you need more than four, follow our tutorial on adding more custom templates here.

Important Note

If you have a different theme or older version of Mr Parker theme published and you are working on this new version as a draft, you will find out real quick there is no collection.custom-one (two, three or four) to choose from the select menu. This is because your current theme does not have these templates. To override this you will need to create these custom templates on your current theme, this won't affect your live shop at all. Follow the steps in our tutorial here.

Step 2: Banner Image w/Caption 

For Top Level Collections using a collection-custom template you can choose the banner image and set the heading and caption text directly from the collection section settings without having to use shortcodes in the description.

Step 3: Choose the collection blocks to show

Each "Section" on the Top-Level collection page is technically a Shopify section block. On the custom collection templates, you have the following blocks to choose from…

  • Image With Text Overlay
  • Featured Collection
  • Collection List

In our example here we have used Image w/Text Overlay, Featured Collection, Featured Collection, and Collection List. You can add up to 12 blocks, in any combination.

Image with Text Overlay

The Image with Text Overlay block is very similar to the section on the homepage. It works great as a header on collections. You add a full-width background image then you can add a heading and subheading. 

Featured Collection

The Featured Collection block will allow you to choose a collection and it will show the collection image (or you can override the collection image and upload a different one) and the collection name and description (from the collection admin). To the right or left of the image, it will show the first 2-12 products in the selected collection.

Collection List

The Collection List block will allow you to feature thumbnails with collection image (or first product image in collection and collection name of up to 12 collections. You choose the collections that show by using a navigation list or show all collections in your store.

Shop All Button

All custom collection templates will show the Shop All button at the bottom of the page, which links to the normal view of the collection (as shown at the very beginning of this article). If you want to change the words on this button you can do this with translations. From the theme editor go to > theme actions > Edit languages > Collections tab > under general edit Shop All.

Be sure to save your settings and now take a look at your new Top-Level collection! Remember once you use this template (collection.custom-one) it belongs to this collection and should not be used again.