13. Fashionopolism Theme: Setting Up The Product Page

13. Fashionopolism Theme: Setting Up The Product Page

In this article, we will go through how to set up the Product page.  

By default, the Product page shows the product image gallery  (with the thumbnails to the right), the price, variants, description, and social share icons.


There are some additional section settings in the theme editor that you can configure for the product page, but it is important to know that these settings will apply to all product pages, globally across the site, not just a single product page. To access these settings, you will go to the theme editor and click on the template picker and choose Product Page.

Product Form Settings

The Fashionopolism theme has quite a few settings for the Product Form. Choose whether to use swatches or dropdowns for your product options. If you use swatches you can choose if the color swatches will be circle or square and if they will use custom images (learn how to use custom swatch images here). Choose to show a product subtitle, quantity selector, variant SKU, and whether to use dynamic checkout buttons (buy now).

Product Image Settings 

Under the Image Settings, you can choose whether to position the product image thumbnails to the right or left of the main image and whether the zoom will show to the right of the images or inside the main image.

Note: To get a good quality zoom on images, it is imperative to upload high-resolution images with a minimum of 1200px width in size.

Re-Orderable Product Tabs

The Content Section allows for re-orderable blocks to be used a tabs. Each block becomes a tab that users can tabs through. The positioning of the tabs are determined from the Product Description Position option mentioned previously. The available tabs include contact form, or tab text content. 

That is all the settings and set up for the product page, now let's move on to the Blog!