Icon Theme Changelog

At different intervals, all of our Shopify themes will go through changes, bug fixes, design revisions, code updates, and alterations. The purpose of this is to maintain and improve our themes to keep them current and ensure that they coincide with the latest features available to merchants within the Shopify platform, and remain optimized to meet the demands of modern device technology and offer an ever-improving array of features to merchants.

The up-side to this is that for merchants who have purchased a theme from us is that the theme will remain supported and active allowing them to update at any stage to a newer version at no cost. This means new features, new designs, improved performance, and a website refresh without the need for a developer. 

Updating a theme does mean that a clean installation of the themes files to your store within its own separate directory that does not share code or impact on any other theme version installs, including your live theme version. This is a method that is controlled in how Shopify is built, there is no over-riding update that can be applied to make an old theme version include new code without it being installed line by line manually. This prevents loss of customizations and code changes to that older version and also provides a stable route to a fresh installation in the event of a disaster recovery situation due to modifications or app installations gone wrong.

Below you will find the latest code revisions for the Icon theme spanning the last 2 years detailing the changes and revisions made so that you may decide if an update to a new theme version is something that you would like to consider. We have instructions for updating a theme here along with our own update service for those that would like us to perform the update.

Icon Shopify theme revision history

v7.5.5 - 2021 - 06 - 08

  • Fix cart note and shipping calc accordion colors
  • Fix HTML video looping
  • Fix currency selector going behind nav bar
  • Fix blurry product image in product grid
  • Fix mobile product image click to enlarge snapping issue
  • Fix back in stock setting issue
  • Fix back in stock confirmation issue
  • Fix product grid swatches custom image
  • Fix single variant color swatch
  • Fix collection list grid when set to 4
  • Fix issues with dynamic checkout buttons on cart when drawer or modal open
  • Fix quickview overflow (aka all modals overflow)
  • Fix variant images when thumbnails set to 0 issue
  • Fix view in space button when more than one model
  • Fix featured product selector id when same product on homepage twice
  • Improve cart to allow edit input to change qty and go to 0 to remove item
  • Fix add to cart msg on featured product when more than 1
  • Add resize and intersection observerfeature detection
  • Fix translation for account page order history

v7.5.4 - 2021 - 04 - 30

The reason for this update was to add the Shop Pay banner to product pages and clean up known bugs.

  • Add code for Shop Pay banner
  • Fix issues with "out of stock" contact box doesn't run if product has single variant
  • Fix issues with Shopping misspelled in cart settings 
  • Fix issues with duplicate store availability issue 
  • Fix issues with custom page gallery not clickable

v7.5.3 - 2021 - 03 - 30

The main purpose of this branch was to remove all liquid from the stylesheet and fix current bugs.

  • Fix edit address issues
  • Remove all liquid from stylesheet
  • Add mobile header css variables
  • Update WAU.Accordion to use event.code instead of event
  • Add fall back font families in the css-variables.liquid 
  • Fix mp4 slideshow video issue
  • Fix missing translations for shipping calculator
  • Update theme version
  • Fix drop down bug on touch devices
  • Fix missing discount on cart
  • Fix setActiveThumbnail
  • Revisions

v7.5.2 - 2021-03-15

The purpose of this release was to completely remove Jquery dependency.


  • Fix issue where Quick view breaks on infinite scroll appended items
  • Fix header z-index issue 
  • Fix Scrolltop console error when switching from scroll to thumb gallery
  • Fix scrolling announcement vertical load issue
  • Fix account address issue
  • Fix remove item icon to use LineAwesome
  • Fix sticky filters order of checking element
  • Fix infinite scroll to check for element first so no error thrown
  • Fix font sizes to remove px - already applied in variable
  • Fix product page container
  • Fix padding on blog grid
  • Fix background color setting for popup
  • Fix excess space beneath shop the look section
  • Fix incorrect padding on homepage sections


  • Update newsletter popup to use javascript, removing jQuery
  • Update section: load and unload to vanilla js
  • Update theme version to 7.5.2
  • Update infinite scroll to use Javascript not jQuery 
  • Add new shipping calculator JS file for ajax cart 
  • Update slideout, add modal and helpers to theme.js for ajax cart 
  • Add shopify cart functions + shipping calculator for ajax cart 
  • Update theme.liquid for ajax cart 
  • Update cart links for ajax cart
  • Add new ajax cart snippets 
  • Add new Ajax cart template, replace cart with section for ajax cart 
  • Update product form for ajax cart 
  • Update quick view form for ajax cart
  • Add animation classes to stylesheet
  • Add scrollbar styles for Ajax cart 
  • Add modal styles for ajax cart 
  • Add ajax cart styles
  • Update theme settings for ajax cart 
  • Fix issue with accordions causing error in cart 
  • Fix scrolling in ajax cart on mobile 
  • Add Shopify common js call for ajax cart 
  • Minify animation classes for ajax cart 
  • Update CSS variables + error color for ajax cart 
  • Changes to translations for Ajax cart
  • Changes to theme.liquid structure for ajax cart
  • Update slideout CSS for ajax cart 
  • Add template-{{ template | handleize }} to body for ajax cart 
  • Update classes to allow for new CSS grid spans
  • Update icon specific classes for ajax cart
  • Update icon specifc styles for ajax cart
  • Changes to theme.liquid for new quickview
  • Changes to product-listing for new quickview
  • Update theme.js with quickview
  • Update product quick for new quickview
  • Remove product-info classes for quickview button
  • Update product template with BEM, add quickview styles
  • Update product js to reflect class changes
  • Update CSS for product variants and swatches for new quickview 
  • Update JS for product options and swatches with new quick view 
  • Update product templates to share theme settings
  • Update product swatch options for new quick view
  • Consolidate styles for product, feat product + quick view product
  • Clean up and remove unused CSS from queries stylesheet
  • Clean up options and content for product page
  • Add size control to product images
  • Clean up styles for slide arrows
  • Link quick view product title to product page
  • Clean up back in stock form + remove jQuery
  • Replace Customer account modals with WAU js
  • Clean up customer account styles, unique for Icon
  • Update product shortcode popups to use new modal
  • Update customer addresses
  • Update quick Add to Cart button for collection pages
  • Add new accordion styles
  • Add accordion script to theme.js.liquid
  • Initialize the new accordion script in theme.js.liquid
  • Add new accordion to mobile navigation
  • Add new accordion schema to mobile navigation
  • Update use icon in mobile navigation
  • Adjust drop down arrows to be the same size
  • Update drop down arrows to use line awesome icons
  • Add new accordion CSS to mobile navigation to use color settings
  • Add new accordion to custom-blocks.liquid
  • Add new accordion to page-custom-one.liquid
  • Update new accordion schema to match existing accordion schema …
  • Update new accordion opening div and add header
  • Update styles to match existing custom page accordion
  • Update new custom page accordion …
  • Change icons to use line awesome icons
  • Rename new accordion to just accordion on custom page blocks
  • Update custom page two and three schema with new accordion settings
  • Add fadeAnimation option to popup plugin settings
  • Add function to check for theme helpers fadeIn and fadeOut support
  • Add function to check if theme supports fadeIn and Out and option is on
  • Update open method to check for fadeIn animation support …
  • Update close method to check and use theme fade out function
  • Add option for fadeAnimation to the popup init function
  • Update product and scroll galleries no jquery
  • Update theme.ProductVideo and ProductModel remove jquery 
  • Update theme.Sections to remove jquery - Issue #
  • Update back in stock to remove jquery
  • Update password layout to theme layout
  • Update collections for BEM and new js
  • Update theme layout to remove jquery and unsed files
  • Update theme.js to add lazysizes
  • Update naming for photoswip vendor js
  • Update WAU Slideouts to create asides and allow multiple triggers
  • Update theme.collection to use slideouts and no jquery
  • Update spacing and removw jquery in containers
  • Update qty selector controls remove jquery and error msg handling
  • Update theme.maps to remove jquery and liquid
  • Rename theme.js to remove .liquid
  • Replace sticky sidebar + scrollform with Vanilla stickyBits
  • Replace scroll to top jQuery with JS
  • Replace instances of $(document).ready(function(){ with js


  • Remove jQuery dependency from sort by and filters
  • Remove jQuery for Table and iFrame wrappers
  • Remove Bag icon - should not be an option in this theme
  • Remove unused Ajax cart + shipping files ahead of update
  • Remove Ajax cart code from quickview 
  • Remove jQuery modules from cart.liquid
  • Remove references to old Ajax cart
  • Remove old Ajax cart JS
  • Remove Ajax cart CSS from stylesheet
  • Remove queries.css
  • Remove product page banner option
  • Remove all traces of Fancybox
  • Remove vimeo option from Feat video
  • Remove old accordion schema
  • Remove new accordion schema on custom page one
  • Remove old accordion from custom page
  • Remove jQuery accordion script from mobileNav section in theme.js.liquid
  • Remove old navigation
  • Remove old js and snippets
  • Remove new navigation schema settings …
  • Remove ie11 polyfill no longer needed
  • Remove vendor offcanvas and throttle in js
  • Remove old debounce js
  • Remove jquery from parallax section
  • Remove old offcanvas collection filter js
  • Remove liquid in unit price function
  • Remove template usage and check body classes

V7.5.1 - 2021-01-08

The reason for this update was to continue with performance-related replacement of jQuery with vanilla JS


  • Update collection sort by to use JS - remove jQuery
  • Update newsletter popup to use JS - remove fancybox
  • Update Sticky sidebar + Sticky product form to use stickybits plugin vs old jQuery
  • Update scroll to top function to use JS, removing jquery dependency


  • Remove Sticky product social share in favor of fixed position + scroll out 


  • Fix Quickview not working on infinite-scroll appended products
  • Fix article loop showing code on post content image with no feat image
  • Remove Bag from mobile nav cart options

v7.5.0 - 2020-11-19

There were multiple changes in this version to coincide with forthcoming updates to the Shopify platform.
Performance updates were included as part of an on-going process to improve the flow and loading of scripts and styles within the themes along with improvements to accessibility for users with disabilities. All known bugs were corrected along with the implementation of Shopifys surface pickup availability feature. 


  • New Surface Pickup (Store Pickup, Availability) Shopify feature. 


  • Replaced jQuery dependent Slickslider and Flexslider with Flickity for the Slideshow and Featured Collections carousels.
  • Remove independent Video Slideshow section and added video ability to the regular slideshow.
  • Replaced jQuery dependent sticky js in the sticky header with custom WAU solution.
  • Replace slideout js with custom WAU solution, used on mobile nav, password page login, and store pickup slideout.
  • Updated mobile navigation to use blocks like Testament and Vantage themes.
  • Update password page to use layouts to prevent editor errors.
  • Improved performance by preconnecting to external libraries ( Shopify, jQuery )
  • Improved performance by preloading internal scripts and stylesheets
  • Improved performance by deferring load of some javascript
  • Bug fix: AOS not allowing new section to appear.
  • Bug fix Currency and language header visibility.
  • Add A11y code for main navigation to be keyboard accessible.
  • Bug fix issue with spacing on mobile captions for new slideshows.
  • Bug fixed collection sidebar image width issue.
  • Bug fix dropdown price alignment.
  • Bug fix issue with gallery buttons. 

v7.4.3 - 2020-11-06

The main purpose of version was to apply a small update to support new Shopify Subscriptions and fix known bugs.
Note that the subscription updates are intended to support apps that use Shopifys native checkout for billing


  • Add subscription selling plan liquid to order page
  • Add a subscription condition to class on add to cart button
  • Add new subscription selling plan liquid to cart page
  • Add handlebars for subscription selling plans to ajax template
  • Add new subscription selling plan objects to ajax cart js


  • Fix typo in quickview code
  • Fix responsive image snippet to have data widths 
  • Fix currency and lang picker issue not showing in header
  • Fix swatches to have unique ids
  • Fix issue with facebook icon
  • Fix issue social twitter url
  • Fix issue in search results grid

v7.4.2 - 2020-09-29

The main purpose of version was to improve on features in the theme which were proving difficult for merchants to use easily


  • Recommended image sizes added to main image sections
  • Image overlay added to main image sections for text contrast
  • Position controls added to Image with text overlay content
  • Grid option added to blog post layout
  • Hover scale transition added to content images
  • Caption background added to the image with text overlay content


  • Parallax scrolling image changed to new library
  • Slideshow captions converted to rich-text
  • Slideshow with video settings changed
  • Gallery captions converted to rich-text
  • image with text overlay captions converted to rich-text

v7.4.1 - 2020-09-23
The main purpose of the version was to update the theme to support Unit pricing which are now a part of EU legislation
Customer accounts also received a facelift with enhanced layouts

Add Unit pricing which is a legal req for Germany + France ( Price: $10.00 / $1.00 per 100ml )
New design and layout of customer account pages
New JSON-LD for structured data

Fix issue #189
Fix cycle for odd / even blog posts

v7.4 - 2020-09-11
Update the theme to use render for all snippet includes which enhances loading speed for code contained within snippets

[7.3.2] - 2020-05-27
Bug fixes

[7.3.1] - 2020-04-21
Bug fixes

Change to version 7.3.1 for update
Fix Slideshow caption has incorrect horizontal positioning

[7.3] - 2020-04-18
The main purpose of version was to fix bugs and current git issues and add Cross Border language and currency selectors.

New translations for French, Spanish, German, Portuguese
New lang and currency selector code for footer
New lang and currency selector code for header
New cross border styles
New lang and currency selector code for header
New disclosure selectors snippet
New disclosure javascript for header and footer

Change to version 7.3 for update
Fix action urls for translations
Fix product recommendation styles
Fix search image link when no image
Fix product recommendations when none and add limit
Fix schema error
Replace usage of shop.currency with cart.currency.iso_code
Replace old links with route urls
Update hrefs to use routes

Remove old recently viewed plugin
Remove unused setting
Remove old currency code

[7.2.1] - 2020-04-14
The main purpose of version 7.2.1 was to resolve git issues and bugs.

Fix & Change
Change to version 7.2.1 for update
Change textarea to Rich text + remove weights
Fix flickity height issue
Fix footer link color
Fix issue with footer accordion on mobile not closing.
Fix issue with AOS not always firing on custom blocks
Fix broken collection list home page layout
Clean up text settings and remove weights
Clean up text settings and remove weights
Change Gallery display on mobile to mobile half with odd number mobile-3
Update tabs to follow accordion settings in RTE
Fix Slideshow with video section - not loading on Section select
Simplify Newsletter text setup
Simplify Newsletter color handling
Fix breadcrumb showing product meta title.

Remove unused setting
Remove text weights, update textarea to richtext and clean up settings
Remove text weight options to clean up settings
Remove forced center of product description on mobile
Remove heading from custom page blocks - not required

[7.2] - 2020-04-01
The main purpose of version 7.2 was to add Product Media support for video and 3d models. It required us to change our product galleries to Flickity.

New Product Media support with new product galleries
New color settings for directional elements colors and focus element color

Change to version 7.2 for update
Change product grid setting to Global now has settings for
Update product json for media

Remove zoom plugin on product galleries using fancybox only now

[7.1] - 2020-02-13
The main purpose of version 7.1 was to remove all components of the Instagram section.

Remove all Instagram styles, js, and liquid

[7] - 2019-12-19
The main purpose of this update was to add the new Multi-currency update and fix git issues.

Update to version 7 for multi-currency

Fix duplicate image when "image on right" on mobile  

Fix thank you message on popup when no captcha
Fix slideshow mp4 video audio
Fix accordion code on custom pages
Fix slide text color on mobile 
Fix tablet main navigation tap issues with DoubleTap2Go
Fix product grid add to use drawer and only show error on one

6.6.2] - 2019-07-15 
Bug fixes

Fix page section margins
Fix banner height on collections list page
Fix mobile header shifter icon position
Fix Mobile Menu Interaction
Fix product quick view gallery causing loading issues
Fix mobile slider image on variant selection
Fix stutter on slideshow in firefox
Fix featured collections section type
Fix collection page 4 per row with Sidebar enabled
Fix scrolling announcements height on homepage
Fix button weight on image with text overlay
New text image overlay in featured content and custom pages 
Fix size and spacing of mobile header
Fix padding around homepage sections when background color 
Fix JS when not using collection carousel but grid
Fix quickview styles when load is not succesful
Fix sticky product form and social icons
Fix styles of qty-error message on product page
Fix styles of qty error popup on cart page
Fix gallery button margin-right to 0
Fix gallery image link when no button
Fix css affect other carousels on the homepage

Remove referral link in footer

[6.6] - 2019-07-03
This is one of the largest updates in the history of Icon with over 300+ commits. We took this opportunity to really improve upon the best aspects of the Icon theme.

New submenu with image and alternative to a full megamenu
New feature to show two different logos, changing to the second one on the scroll
New option to show link list in announcement bar lefthand corner
New option to show logo inline with navigation or above navigation
New sleeker header on mobile
New option to turn the sticky header on or off
New option to show social icons in the mobile menu
New homepage section for Shop the Look can also be used as a page cookbook
New Slideshow w/Video section for homepage
New product recommendations replace old related products
New option to use the classic thumbnail gallery or scroll gallery w/fixed product form
New option for product content tabs on a global product basis
New option for a product video, size chart popups on per product basis
New back in stock email form on sold out product pages
New option to use variant dropdowns or variant swatches
New option to show a banner image from the collection on the product page
New option to set the spacing between product grid images
New option to show available sizes, colors, or add to cart button below product grid items
New option to select which icons Sale, New, Sold Out show and where they will be positioned
New infinite scroll option
New option to chose the location of collection description in sidebar, top, or bottom of page
New tags filters with the option to place in sidebar or top of the page
New tag filter slide in drawer for mobile
New option to display all collections or selected collections, or collections with featured products
New contact page template with options on which contact form inputs will show
New advanced layout page templates
New page setting for where to position sidebar
New section blocks promo images
New section blocks for full-width banner image
New article listings layout on the blog page
New article layout with a sidebar using blocks for image, text, menus
New option to show related articles on the article page
New Discount Allocations and Pricing to Cart Page, Ajax Cart, and Orders page
New option to show tax and shipping notes with a subtotal
New free shipping countdown feature
New shipping calculator to estimate shipping costs
New page scrolling animations with AOS
New global section called Info Bar which can feature text the scrolls
New global section called Featured Content which has blocks for Image gallery, text columns w/images, featured collection, collection list, and rich text. This section shows on all pages above footer (excluding the homepage)
New settings in mailing popup to add a discount code and image
New option to upload an image that will show on sharing a site link

Changed Footer items to accordion on mobile
Changed original slideshow section to support a different image upload for mobile than desktop and have an optional second button in the caption
Changed Instagram to allow black and white or color images
Changed Instagram to support different ratio images
Changed Instagram to allow chose of images shown
Changed product reviews to now support stars automatically when Product Review app installed
Changed position and style of social share icons
Changed cart to use divs instead of tables
Changed all sliders to use Slick Slider
Changed icons to Line Awesome from Font Awesome
Changed Fancybox to the newest version of the plugin
Changed theme grid to support CSS Grid
Cleanup theme.js to organize vendor code and theme code

[6.5] - 2018-12-20
The main focus for this version was to change the default of the Dynamic Checkout Buttons

Change version to 6.5
Change dynamic checkout button default to true

[6.4] - 2018-06-27
The main focus of this version was to fix all known bugs and update Shopify Payment Icons and GDPR.

Add theme version log in JS
Add richtext message to password page for GDPR
Add newsletter subheading to footer newsletter for GDPR

Change version to 6.4 for next release
Change Shopify Payment Icons to use new SVG version

[6.3] - 2018-05-31

New settings and styles to reflect font picker settings

Fix Bxslider thumbnail gallery height in Safari
Fix ajax cart calculation with CostSelector
Fix product image zoom on IE
Fix all sale prices to reflect sale text color from settings
Fix shifter mobile navigation so no link is opened or search selected
Fix missing label on the variant dropdown in product form and product quick
Fix SKU to update on variant change and show unavailable when no variant

Remove unused font options in favor of font picker

[6.1] - 2018-04-24

New footer setting for showing payment icons

Change all prices to include span.money so span no longer needed in admin settings
Fix product.quick to settings not section.settings and add init()
Fix product form price span tags with sale price
Fix product form by moving description out of form
Fix map section centering text on mobile
Fix map section heading class
Fix product quantity margin on mobile
Fix map section margin top
Fix product form margins on mobile
Fix product template vendor name
Fix currency picker with new product module
Fix Dynamic Payment Button Init to show only when activated
Fix megamenu heading weights to be consistent
Fix megamenu line height
Fix megamenu product spacing
Fix parallax on mobile by moving debounce
Fix parallax on mobile so it does not init

Remove old currency code

[6.0] - 2018-04-06
The main focus of this version was to fix all known bugs, add responsive images, meet section parity requirements, and add smart payment buttons.

New all images on theme now Responsive Images
New javascript for product quick image gallery and product page image gallery
New javascript product module to improve product form and swatches
New map homepage section
New newsletter homepage section
New featured product homepage section
New smart payments buttons with settings

Cleanup spacing and formatting of theme.js and stylesheet.css
Cleanup spacing,formatting, and IDs in settings schema
Change theme presets to work with new changes
Change version number
Change header message bar to announcement bar per section parity
Change copyright in footer
Change slideshow caption opacity setting to range slider
Change image with text section setting from subheading to text
Change featured product section image width setting to numerical order
Change featured-collections.liquid renamed to collection-list.liquid
Change featured-images.liquid renamed to gallery.liquid
Change featured-products.liquid renamed to featured-collection.liquid
Change featured-text.liquid renamed to rich-text.liquid

Fix remaining font awesome classes
Fix homepage section header color setting
Fix sticky header by removing background color and transition on ul.megastack when scrolling
Fix parallax button by adding width: auto; to parallax button for IE11
Fix footer link color by adding missing schema for footer link color
Fix slideshow caption position on mobile by adding css to queries to force center caption on mobile and reduce logosize
Fix social.liquid language translation for product share buttons title
Fix product form language translation for quantity
Fix .nested li background image color
Fix product listing in mega menu
Fix sale icon default background color

Remove product-quick-template.liquid no longer in use
Remove quick-view.liquid no longer in use
Remove article-image.liquid no longer in use
Remove blog-banner-image.liquid no longer in use
Remove collection-grid-image.liquid no longer in use
Remove mobile-navigation.liquid no longer in use
Remove onboard-slideshow.liquid no longer in use
Remove product-listing-image-flip.liquid no longer in use
Remove product-listing-image.liquid no longer in use
Remove tag-filter.liquid no longer in use
Remove contact page older map settings

[5.1.4] - 2018-01-15
The main focus of this version was to fix the Instagram Feed after an Instagram API change, refer to our documentation.

Fix script and styles following API update which prevented images from showing

[5.1.3] - 2018-01-08
The main focus of this version was to update the main and mobile navigation for new Shopify nested navigations.

New block info for sidebar blocks in collection page
New header block settings for nested navigation update (see commit)
New navigation block settings for nested navigation update (see commit)

Change footer copyright URL from shopifythemes.net
Change stylesheet for nested navigation update (see commit)
Change version number in setting_schema
Change block info for megadropdown_link block in header
Change mobile navigation accordion for nested navigation update
Change collection sidebar accordion for nested navigation update
Change navigation for nested navigation update
Fix Instagram feed images in different sizes
Fix navigation dropdowns to open left (see commit)