I am a designer, but I am stuck can you help?

We hear from many designers who have taken on projects but have quickly become out of their depth. Unfortunately, we can not offer to make edits that you are charging a client for and cannot teach how to make small changes to the code of your theme.

If you are a designer and want to make style changes to elements within the theme for a client we recommend that you learn how to make use of Chrome developer tools

Pay special attention to the Elements section on this page.

This shows you how to target specific elements on the page and live edit any styles that you see. It will not make every code change required but will allow you to test CSS and smaller HTML edits. 

Changes that you make here are local to your browser only - if you move away from the current page the changes are lost... Make sure to copy the changes that you have made and then test them within the theme.

Make sure to test on all device types and screen sizes however as what looks good on the desktop could be very different on mobile.