Vantage Theme: Setting up the Header

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Announcement bar

The announcement bar is displayed at the top of your store and can contain links + storewide messages

  • Announcement bar links
    Choose a small navigation menu, it's links will show on the top left of the header
  • Announcement text
    Add some text to the center of the announcement bar 
  • Announcement text size
    Control the text size of content within the announcement bar

Language and Currency

  • Language Selector
    Our themes are provided with pre-defined translations for the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian)
    If enabled in your store dashboard via: settings > Languages you can enable these + more languages allowing customers to choose their local language when shopping.
  • Currency Selector
    Our themes are provided with currency conversion that is powered by Shopify payments.
    If enabled in your store dashboard via settings > Payments you can enable additional currencies allowing customers to choose their local currency when shopping.

Layout options

Vantage has 4 different header layout options allowing you optimum control of your logo and navigation

  • Logo inline with navigation
    Shows the logo and navigation on the same line
  • Logo above navigation
    Place the logo above a full-width navigation
  • Logo and large search box above navigation
    Place the logo above the navigation, left-aligned with a large search form
  • Logo inline with mobile navigation
    Place the logo inline with a mobile-style navigation

Additionally, further control of the header is available via these options:

  • Enable full width
    Show the header at full browser width
  • Left align logo
    Left aligns the logo when placed inline with the navigation or above the navigation - the navigation can also be left aligned from its own settings area below.
    *When the logo is shown with a large search form, it will automatically align left.
  • Cart link in the announcement bar
    This will show the cart links which include Account, Cart, Language & Currency in the announcement bar area.

Vantage allows for 2 versions of a logo to be used where needed, one for desktop and one for mobile devices. If the Mobile option is left blank the desktop logo will be shown on all devices.

  • Image
    Upload a logo image
  • Desktop logo width
    Set the width of the logo for larger screen devices
  • Logo text
    Control the size of logo text, where a logo has not been uploaded and the store name is present.
  • Mobile image
    Upload an image to be shown on mobile devices
  • Main menu
    Choose from your stores navigation area to display a main navigation in the header of your theme
    Your main navigation can include dropdowns, megamenus and dropdowns with products
  • Text alignment
    Set the text alignment ( Left or Centered ) of the Navigation links
  • Cart icon
    Choose between a Cart of Bag for your Shopping cart icon

Content Blocks

Additional content can be added to the header - in the Vantage theme these blocks all relate to the navigation and different menu options that exist. 

Within each block, you will need to enter the menu item that the corresponding block will relate to:

  • Collections mega menu
    Select up to 6 collections and show each with an image + title in a horizontal dropdown menu
  • Links in columns
    This will show a traditional megamenu layout that requires a 3 level navigation hierarchy, details on how to create that can be found here
  • Links with images
    Add 3 images to dropdown menu each of which can link to content in your store