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Header settings

Your themes header includes numerous settings that are used to format the layout and style of its appearance and functions.

  • Enable full width
    Show the header and navigation at full-browser width
  • Header Layout
    Choose between different layout options which control the position of your logo and navigation.
    Inline: - Your logo and navigation will appear on the same line with options for left and center logo alignment
    Logo above: -  Your logo will appear above the navigation ( ideal for stores with larger navigation links ).

Announcement Bar

  • Show announcement text
    Add a message in the top bar informing customers of Sales, Shipping deals or just a welcome message.
  • Text size
    Control the text size of the Announcement bar ( includes cart link )
  • Cart icon
    Toggle a Cart or Bag icon
  • Uploading a logo image
    Shopify supports many image file types, we recommend using a jpg where possible or png if your image requires transparency.
    Before uploading make sure that your logo image is cropped tight to it's content and that it does not contain excessive whitespace as this whitespace will also show in your header.
  • Controlling image size & quality
    Using the range slider provided set the preferred width of your logo image. Always ensure that the image is of high quality and large in scale - we recommend using an image that is at least 1.5x wider than the width setting that you allocate to it. This will ensure that the image shows a good quality when viewed on high-resolution screens retina-enabled devices that demand high-resolution images.
  • Main menu
    Choose from your stores navigation area to display a main navigation in the header of your theme
    Your main navigation can include dropdowns, megamenus and dropdowns with products
  • Height
    Set the height of the navigation section
  • Borders
    Add optional borders to the top and bottom of your navigation

Language and Currency

  • Language Selector
    Our themes are provided with pre-defined translations for the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian)
    If enabled in your store dashboard via: settings > Languages you can enable these + more languages allowing customers to choose their local language when shopping.
  • Currency Selector
    Our themes are provided with currency conversion that is powered by Shopify payments.
    If enabled in your store dashboard via settings > Payments you can enable additional currencies allowing customers to choose their local currency when shopping.

Content blocks 

  • Mega menu
    Multiple mega menus can be included as configurable blocks which can be applied to any links in your main admin that include 3 levels of navigation.
    For details on how to configure a mega menu please see our megamenu help doc