Mr Parker Theme: Home page

Your theme home page is made up of several sections which can be enabled, disabled and re-ordered as often as you would like to.

Each section can be repeated with unique content as often as is needed.

Slideshow - Add, re-order and remove images at will, each slide may also contain a text title, caption and call to action button and positioning options

Advanced layout - Show a set of images with varying positions and offset layouts, text areas or feature videos as part of your own collage. Our demo store uses an advanced layout, image resolutions and chosen layout options can be viewed within the demo image size guide

Featured collections - Add quick and easy links to collections within your store with options to show 2, 3 or 4 per row. Will show collection featured image if applicable or first product image from each collection chosen.

Featured products - A collection of products shown within a rotating carousel, add multiple featured collections throughout your home page to give the appearance of a well stocked store.

Image gallery - Show 1 - 4 images within each Image gallery section added to your home page, each with it's own text overlay and link to any content. Add multiple image galleries to show a wall of graphics to your customers.

Featured blog - Choose a blog and show the most recent posts in chronological order. Have multiple blogs? You can add more than 1 featured blog if needed.

Instagram - show the 6 most recent images from your Instagram feed, add more feeds if you have more than 1 Instagram account. Need to retrieve your Instagram access token. Click here to generate one.

Rich text - Add a title and some text to give your home page some rich content that will help to welcome your customers, alert them of anything that you would like + gain some much needed SEO points.

Featured video - Drop the url for a video hosted on either Vimeo or Youtube and have it show responsive for all screen sizes on your home page.