Fashionopolism Theme: Header

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Announcement bar

  • Announcement text
    Optionally add a message to the top of your stores' header
  • Text size
    Control the text size of the above announcement text
  • Show social icons
    Optionally show links to your social networks
  • Uploading a logo image
    Shopify supports many image file types, we recommend using a jpg where possible or png if your image requires transparency.
    Before uploading make sure that your logo image is cropped tight to its content and that it does not contain excessive whitespace as this whitespace will also show in your header.
  • Controlling image size & quality
    Using the range slider provided set the preferred width of your logo image. Always ensure that the image is of high quality and large in scale - we recommend using an image that is at least 1.5x wider than the width setting that you allocate to it. This will ensure that the image shows a good quality when viewed on high-resolution screens retina-enabled devices that demand high-resolution images.
  • Logo text size
    If you do not have a logo image your store name will be displayed instead.
    Use the range slider to control the size of this text
  • Header layout
    Control the layout of your store header by choosing from different pre-configured options:

    • Inline: Show the logo and navigation together in one line of your header
      Only recommended for stores with a small number of navigation links.
    • Left: Aligns the logo to the left above a left-aligned full-width navigation
    • Center: Aligns the logo to the center above a center-aligned full-width navigation 

Cart links

The options within Fashoionopolism allow you to alter the display of Cart and account links in the header of your store.

  • Text size & Weight
    Control the font size and weight for Cart and Account links
  • Show icons only
    Remove text from icons for a less cluttered header
  • Search
    Control the appearance of the search form as a popup modal or always visible beneath cart links
  • Main menu
    Choose from your stores' navigation area to display the main navigation in the header of your theme
    Your main navigation can include dropdowns, and megamenus
  • Height
    Set the height of the navigation section
  • Links per column
    If your dropdown menus contain a lot of links this control allows you to show those in columns, the number selected chooses the maximum number shown before a new column is created within the drop down.

Language and Currency

  • Language Selector
    Our themes are provided with pre-defined translations for the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian)
    If enabled in your store dashboard via: settings > Languages you can enable these + more languages allowing customers to choose their local language when shopping.
  • Currency Selector
    Our themes are provided with currency conversion that is powered by Shopify payments.
    If enabled in your store dashboard via settings > Payments you can enable additional currencies allowing customers to choose their local currency when shopping.

Content blocks

  • Mega menu
    Multiple mega menus can be included as configurable blocks which can be applied to any links in your main admin that include 3 levels of navigation.
    For details on how to configure a mega menu please see our megamenu help doc