Fashionopolism Theme: Header & Navigation

Fashionopolism has several layout options allowing you to customize the header of your store and to integrate multi column menus and a mega dropdown option.

Allow full width header - Allows the header of your store to span the full screen width, otherwise constrained to a maximum width of 1200px

Logo options
Center the logo of your store, otherwise left aligned. 
Set a custom logo width if it appears too big in your stores header
Logo size*
Logo case* 
Logo weight*

* For text only when logo image not in use.

Message bar - Add a notification, welcome or an alert to your customers

Cart links - Bold, semi bold, regular or light font options + size control

Choose the menu that you would like to use for your primary navigation
Choose a centered navigation layout ( defaults to left when unchecked ).
Navigation height
Links per column - This allows you to choose how many links will show per column giving you a multi column navigation. This setup can handle a total of 60 links within any 1 menu showing a maximum of 15 links per column across 4 columns.

Mega Dropdown - the theme features a sticky navigation which will help your customers to find their way around your store regardless of what page they are on or where they have scrolled down to. Within this navigation you can also add a mega menu to one of the links in your main menu. This mega menu can show 4 menus from one single drop down, all that you need to do is enter the name of the link in your main menu that you want it to drop down from and then choose menus that are to show when this is hovered.

At the bottom of this section you will use the Content section to add menus to this mega dropdown.

Usage example:

A store has the following links in their main menu:
Home | Shop | Blog | About us

Shop is entered within the Mega drop down link title field.

Under the Content section at the bottom of the menu 3 out of a possible 4 menus have been chosen

When the Shop link will now show a mega menu containing those 3 menus.