How do I set up a dropdown navigation?

We use the same setup for all navigations regardless of the Underground theme you're using. To create a  dropdown  menu within your Underground Shopify theme you will need to go to your Shopify Admin and follow the steps for the version theme you are using.


In January of 2018, Shopify released a large update to the way Shopify Navigations work with a new feature called  Nested Navigations. We have included two separate instructions for before and after this large update. 

Using Nested Navigations 

The steps below for creating a  dropdown  menu only apply to theme versions after the nested navigation release in January 2018.

You will need to create the main navigation with nested submenus that will show in your dropdown. To do this go to  Online Store > Navigation and go to Main Menu (or whichever menu you're using as the main). To set up our demo like the example above, we set up our nested navigation as shown below. 

Before Nested Navigations

The steps below for creating a  dropdown  menu only apply to theme versions before the nested navigation release in January 2018.

  1. In the Shopify Admin click on Online Store Navigation
  2. Take a look at the menu named Main Menu (this is your main navigation)
  3. The links within the Main Menu will be considered parent links, a dropdown from any of these parent links will be called child links. To create dropdown menus you will need to create child link menus. 
  4. To do this click on Add Menu, give the menu the same name (the names must match exactly, e.x. catalog and Catalog do not match) as the parent link you are making a dropdown for (in our example we will add a menu called Catalog). 
  5. Then add the child links to this new menu (in our example we added T-shirts, Mens, and Womens). Click save.

Now if you look at your site you will see a dropdown menu below your parent link with child links. You can repeat these steps to create dropdown menus for any parent links in your menu.