None of the links in my header work, whats wrong?

If you have been working on your store and suddenly find that the links at the top of your site are unclickable, do not worry this is not a bug in the theme or the code.

The first thing you should try here is to open your site in a private or incognito mode without logging into the admin.
You will see that the links are intact.

Why does this happen?

When you close Shopify's storefront admin bar it reduces to a small black triangle which is visible on the top right-hand side of the browser window

When this is closed it still leaves an invisible layer sitting on the top of the site.
Click on the Black Triangle to re-open the bar and refresh your screen.

This will allow the links to once again function.

Will my customers see this?

No. Only browsers that have previously had access to the store admin and carry the admin cookie from Shopify will see and experience this issue.