How do I make code changes in the theme?

Free theme support

Our free theme support service is limited to and includes support of the base configuration and design of your Underground Shopify theme. The support covers assistance in using the built-in theme options and also assistance in correcting any theme related bugs that you might come across. We cannot offer code changes as part of our free theme support, nor can we offer support on modifications that have been applied to the original code of the theme (see our entire policy here).

Part of the beauty of Shopify is the ability to delve into any part of the code within your Shopify theme to make basic or more complex theme changes. When making code changes that impact on the design of the theme or any parts of the theme layout, care and time should be taken to ensure that the changes being made do not make a negative impact elsewhere within your store.

Watch out for Red code

Shopify's HTML & CSS editor is easy to use and carries its own built-in warnings to give you a visual guide if there is a problem. When editing code always look below what you have changed, if the code is red, you have a problem. Changes should not be attempted by those inexperienced in working with code and do not have the experience in debugging problems.

Duplicate the Theme First

If you make changes to the original code and save the changes, you will not be able to revert back. We always suggest you first duplicate the theme and work in the duplicate. That way you can always go back to your previous version. 

Track Your Changes

If you make changes to the original code in a theme and update your theme to a newer version in the future it will override past changes. We strongly suggest keeping track of any code changes made to your theme's code files. This will make upgrading to newer versions much easier. Here are some ways you can track changes…

  • Use Github Gist's, paste the code change into the Gist, then leave a comment on the Gist with what the change was for, who made it, and when it was added. 
  • Add detailed comments next to code added. Use the same format every time so you can search your theme easily. For example /* Custom Change added by Underground 7/5/18 */ if you start each comment with Custom Change you can find each change faster.

Where to get help

Shopify's forums offer a wealth of resources and free help, often from Shopify staff on how to add functions to your store. Not all code offered within these will work as every theme is coded differently.

Shopify's docs also offer many guides on how to add new features and explain how to use every aspect of your main Shopify dashboard. Once again though, the tutorials for theme code changes may not always work with your theme due to every theme being coded differently.

Hiring help

Shopify provides a designer/developer marketplace with a large list of potential companies who can customize your store to any level. If you are looking to make changes to your store we offer a great theme tweak/customization service here in house which you can learn more about here:

Otherwise, there are many companies in the marketplace, all are Shopify partners and have to meet strong criteria to be included on this list.


Are you a designer using an Underground theme? We understand that you work with clients and sometimes take on work that is outside the scope of your skill set. We can not offer free code changes nor can we offer step-by-step instructions to designers based on requirements that your client has asked you for based on expertise that you have offered to them.