Mr Parker Theme: All Collections page

Your all collections page can be access by either opening your Shopify store and adding: /collections  to your URL or by adding a link in your main menu to the "All collections" option.

This will output the collections that you have created within your store which when clicked will open their respective collections.

By default any featured images that you have added to a collection will display here as the placeholder for that collection. If you have not added a collection featured image then the first product from each collection will be displayed instead.

The "All collections" or list collections page is a section which contains a handful of options to configure the display as this is not directly editable from within Shopify's admin.

Image -  Add a banner image that will span the full width of the all collections page.

It is recommended to use an image 1920px wide x 400 - 500px tall for this.

Text - This is an area to add a text description to this page for some valuable SEO and to also guide customers through what the are viewing.

Collections per row - Choose the grid setup to show 3 or 4 collections per row.
This will default to 2 per row on mobile

How many collections per page - Shopify can show up to a maximum of 50 products or collections per page. Anything above this number will show pagination for additional pages.