11. Mr Parker Theme: All Collections Page

In this article, we will go through how to set up the All Collections (also known as Collections list) page, which shows each collection in your shop. To view your, all collections page (also known as Collections list) open your Shopify store and add /collections to your URL or by adding a link in your main menu to the "All collections" option.

The all collections page for the  Mr Parker theme shows all the Collection Image (or first product in collection image) and the Collection Name for all collections in your store in a grid format. 

To edit the all collections page, from your theme editor go to the template picker and choose Collections list

Collection Banner

In  Mr Parker (V6.5+) on collections list page you have the option to add a collection banner with a caption.

Featured Collection Layout

In  Mr Parker (V6.5+) you have the option to add blocks to your collections list page for different layout options.

Classic Collection List Layout - The Collection List block will show all your collections in a grid layout, you have the option to show All Collections or you can show select collections. To do this create a navigation with the name Collection List and add a navigation item for each collection you want to show.

Featured Collection  - The Featured Collection block will allow you to choose a collection, it will show the collection image (this can be overridden by uploading an image) and collection name along with a select number of products from the collection. This is a great alternative layout and can be used over and over for multiple collections.

Image with Text Overlay - The Image with Text Overlay block is very similar to the section on the homepage. It works great as a header or divider. You add a full-width background image then you can add a heading and subheading. In our example, we used a simple narrow image with a texture, but you could use any image and control the height in the block settings.

Be sure to click the save button once you have chosen your settings.