How do I protect my brand

A Partner offer from our friends are Widerman & Malek, Attorneys at Law

So you came up with a great idea, found a domain name, created a website and you are now selling online.
Exciting times lie ahead and we want to get a few sales under our belt before we start to think about what it really is that we are doing.

The other stuff can wait, right?

Wrong! Got a great idea then you need to protect it, have a niche brand then make sure it stays that way and take the appropriate steps to protect your work and your identity early, protect yourself even earlier.
We know many who have launched to find they have stepped on someone's trademark or infringed on Intellectual Property and see their long term vision come to a grinding halt as letters from attorneys start to appear in their mailbox. It's ugly, excessive but profitable for many and it happens daily. Choosing the right path early on is one of the fundamental parts of any business and should be at the forefront of your mind.

We are not experts in this but we know people who are and are sharing a great offer for our customers that we hope will help and will save you some serious Googling!
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