12. Mr Parker Theme: Collection Pages

Collection pages show groups of products, sometimes referred to as categories. In Shopify a collection would be a category, you can create, edit and organize your collections from the main Shopify admin by going to Online store > Products > Collections. If you need help setting up collections refer to Shopify's doc  here. After setting up the collections in the admin, there are also settings for collections in the theme editor, options on which content is shown on the collections page and the order of that content.

To edit the collection page settings, from the theme editor go to the template picker and choose Collection pages.

Step 1: Add a Banner w/Caption (optional)

To add a banner image and caption to your collection go to the collection page in your Shopify admin and add the following short codes to your collection description box. Replace the capital words with your own content.

Step 2: Choose Settings

How many products per row - Choose your layout to show 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 products per row. *Note - This will default to 2 products per row on mobile.

How many products per page - Shopify has a limit of 50 products per page which must be respected. The theme allows options to show 24, 36 or 48 products per page before a pagination menu linking to pages 2, 3, 4, etc. will show at the bottom of a collection page.

Show collection headings - If you choose to use collection banner images with a caption you can uncheck "Show Collection Headings" to keep the heading from showing twice

Description position - You can choose to place the Collection Description on the Top of Page, Bottom of Page or in Sidebar (if sidebar is in use)

Filters position - You can choose to place the filter dropdowns on Top, Left Sidebar, or Right Sidebar

Filter Styles - You can set the color scheme for the filter dropdowns

Step 3: Add a sidebar with re-orderable blocks

You can add the following re-orderable, drag and drop blocks to your sidebar…

Sort By

Allow customers to sort your products by name, date, price and best selling. By default, the collection pages will load in the order that you have specified within the collection admin.

Tag Filters 

These dropdowns filter by using product tags. For this example the first filter we set up was for Filter by Print, we listed all the print names separated by a comma (this is case sensitive it must match the product tag exactly). 

In order for the filters to work products must be tagged with the tags listed in the filter. For example, this product above comes in the print Siirtolapuutarha so it is tagged appropriately.  

Color Tag Filter 

In order to see the colors in your filter drop down you must name the filter "Filter by Color" or "Filter by Colour". The color filter also uses product tags, we listed all the color names separated by a comma (this is case sensitive it must match the product tag exactly). At first the color will show a default color from the browser if it finds one, but often the browser doesn't have the colors needed so we suggest you upload color swatches for each color. Follow our color swatches tutorial  here

Vendor list

You can also choose to add an automatically generate Vendor List. You will just need to give it a Vendor list title. Be sure to click the save button when you're done.


A menu will show a navigation of your choice. If you choose Menu you will need to select a menu to display or create a new one. In this example, we created a new menu called New Main Menu. To do this, we click Add Content > Change (menu) > Create link_list, create your new menu and save. You can add more menus to give easy navigation to your customers.


You can upload a sidebar image or a advertisement.


If you want to feature a coupon code or share simple text use the text block and add a heading and subheading.

Featured Collection

The featured collection block allows you to choose a collection of products to feature and allows you to show from 2-20 products.

That's it for the Collection page next up is the advanced Top-Level Collection Page!