Mr Parker Theme: Collection pages

Collection pages show groups of items, sometimes referred to as categories. In Shopify a collection would be a category, you can create, edit and organize your collections from the main Shopify admin by entering: 
Online storeProductsCollections

Within the theme there are also options on which content is shown and the order of that content.

How many products per page - Shopify has a limit of 50 products per page which must be respected.
The theme allows options to show 24, 36 or 48 products per page before pagination links to pages 2, 3, 4 will show at the bottom of a collection page.

How many products per row - Choose your layout to show 3 or 4 products per row.
This will default to 2 products per row on mobile.

Show sidebar - Toggle sidebar visibility

Content blocks can be added to your collection pages - with the sidebar enabled all of the content will be transferred to that sidebar including:

Filter - Filtering a collection based on product tags allows you to narrow down the collection.
By default you can show up to 3 filters within your collection pages each of which can contain a different set of tags that can be used to filter a collection by color, size or anything you can think of.

1. Simply add some tags to your products.
2. Copy those tags ( comma separated ) into the filter tags text areas provided, ensuring that the case matches.
If your product tags are: Black, White, Green, Yellow they must be copied identically otherwise this will not work. 

Usage example:
A store sells clothing and wants to allow customers to filter down a collection of dresses by color and size.
Black, White, Red, SmallMedium, Large are added to the products as tags where applicable.

In the theme options Filter 1 is titled:  Filter by color
BlackWhiteGreen are entered into the First filter tags text area

In the theme editor Filter 2 is titled: Filter by size
MediumLarge are entered into the second filter tags text area

A customer browsing this store may now look at a collection page and choose to view products that are tagged in Black + size Small using this layered navigation.

Note that tags can be connected using "AND" logic only and not "OR" logic. Results will show items that include all selected tags. The logic can not support showing products that have some of the selected tags.

Side menu - Dependent on the usage of the sidebar - menus can be added to allow for deeper navigation within your store.