12. Fashionopolism Theme: Collection pages

Collection pages show groups of products, sometimes referred to as categories. In Shopify a collection would be a category, you can create, edit and organize your collections from the main Shopify admin by going to Online store > Products > Collections After setting up the collections in the admin, there are also settings for collections in the theme editor, options on which content is shown on the collections page and the order of that content.

Accessing the collection pages

To edit the collection page settings, from the theme editor go to the template picker and choose Collection pages.

Collection page settings 

Products per row

Choose how many products will be shown per row, can specify from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 4 (defaults to 2 on mobile).


How many rows of products will be shown per page, can specify from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 10. Note that Shopify's collection pages will only show a maximum of up to 50 products before pagination will be added to the page 

Sort by

The Sort By allows customers to sort your products by name, date, price and best selling. By default, the collection pages will load in the order that you have specified within the collection admin.

Collection page sidebar

You can add the following re-orderable, drag and drop blocks to your sidebar.

Sidebar menu

A menu will show a navigation of your choice. If you choose Menu you will need to select a menu to display or create a new one.

Sidebar vendor list

You can also choose to add an automatically generate Vendor List when selecting it. You will just need to give it a Vendor list title.

Sidebar text

If you want to feature a coupon code or share simple text use the text block and add a heading and subheading.

Dropdown filter

These dropdowns filter by using product tags. For this example the first filter we set up was for Filter by Size, we listed all the sizes separated by a comma (this is case sensitive it must match the product tag exactly). The Drop down filter is displayed in a drop down on the top of the page.

Sidebar filter

Similar to the Drop down filter except it displays the tag filters in a list instead of a drop down and appears in the sidebar instead of the top of the page.

Sidebar image

You can upload a sidebar image or a advertisement.