12. Fashionopolism Theme: Collection pages

You can control the look and feel of your collection pages using tools within your theme editor.
Open: themes > Customize theme While looking at the theme navigate to a collection page

In the left sidebar you will see some of the following options:Note that these controls are for all of your collections and not just the collection that you are viewing at the time of editing. 

Products per row - Choose how many products will be shown per row, can specify from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 4 (defaults to 2 on mobile).

Rows - How many rows of products will be shown per page, can specify from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 10. Note that Shopify's collection pages will only show a maximum of up to 50 products before pagination will be added to the page 

Show sort by - Allow customers to sort how they see your products, such as Featured, Price low to high, Price high to low, Alphabetically A-Z, Alphabetically Z-A, Date old to new, Date new to old and by Best selling.

Filters - Filters allow customers to refine the view of products within a collection based on tags that you will add to your products, for full details and instructions please see our guide.

Content - Adding content such as a Menu or a Vendor list will automatically add a sidebar to your collection pages. Adding menus will give additional navigation options to your customers which are advisable for stores with large inventory. The content sections allows up to four blocks to be added to the section and can house a total to four Menus or Three Menus and one Vendor list.