14. Mr Parker Theme: Setting up the Product Page

In this article, we will go through how to set up a basic Product page. 

By default, the Product page shows the product image gallery (with the thumbnails below), the price, variants, description, and social share icons.

Product Image Gallery

The first setting to choose is the Desktop Gallery Style whether you want to use the Classic w/Thumbnail Slider as shown above, or the Vertical Scrolling Gallery. The vertical scrolling gallery shows all the images large in a column and forces the product form to remain fixed and scroll with the page.

Product Form Settings

The product form has settings to show a border and background color, vendor, variant sku, and quantity box. You have the choice to choose between swatches or dropdowns for your variants and the new Mr Parker 6.5 now has three options for swatches, you can use the default colors from the browser, upload your own color swatches, or use the variant images (fastest setup). You also have the option to show dynamic checkout buttons

Product Shortcode Popups

In Mr Parker V6.5+ we added shortcode functionality to the product description. This allows you to add link popups to your products on unique per product basis. So if you sell clothing for example and every shirt has a different size guide, or different product video, or different material you can using product shortcodes to show these unique pieces of information in a popup. To do this first make sure each checkbox is selected under Product Shortcode Popups. Then navigate to the product in your admin. 

The regular product description will go at the very top inside the Description box. Then you can begin using shortcodes. Copy the code of the shortcode you would like to use below, paste it into your description and replace the content between the shortcode tags. The shortcodes are case sensitive and must be exactly as shown.

Related Products & Recently Viewed

You also have the option to show related products and position them at the bottom of to the right of the form. You can also added Recently Viewed products to the bottom of the page.

Product Reviews

We have built in code from the free Product Reviews app by Shopify. If you want to show product review first select "Enable product reviews" here in the product page settings. Then go to the app store and install the free app. If you're using another review app you will need to contact us for a quote on customizing reviews for the app.

Product Description & Tabs w/Content

By default you will see a single tab for Details or Description. You can also additional add more tabs with content. Anything added to these tabs will be shown globally across all products, so this is a great place to add delivery and shipping information, returns information, or size charts if they are the same for all products. To add more content click "Add Content". You can add a Tab Content which is just a heading and subheading you type in the block or Page Content which allows you to select a page in your store to pull content from. 

That is all the settings and set up for the product page!