How to take control of your All Products page

By default, Shopify adds a Catalog link to the Main Menu of your store which takes you to a collection called All Products. While this is great it doesn't give you much control over the order or sorting of your products. Here is how to control what customers see when the go to your All Products link.

  1. Click on Online store > Products > Collections and create a New Collection.
  2. Give this collection a title (it will be seen on the page so make sure the title makes sense and is good for SEO).
  3. When prompted choose "Automatically Add Products" and use the following criteria, Product Price > Is Greater Than > 0. This will automatically add your current and future products. Wait a moment for the products to be loaded into the collection. 

  4. Next, you will see an option to sort how they appear which includes By Price, By Date, By Name, and By Best Selling. Choose your preferred order here and click Save. 

  5. Now, click on Online Store > Navigation, click on Main Menu.
  6. Change the Catalog link to point to the new collection you created.
  7. Click save, this will change the link and will now show those products in your preferred order.