Mr Parker Theme: Filter by color, size or anything

The Mr Parker Shopify theme has a layered navigation system based on the usage of product tags which allows your customers to delve further into your product collections and find the relevant items.

Within this filtering system your customers can sort by a maximum of 3 different elements.
The system relies on Product Tags and is a very simple setup to execute that wields powerful results for your shoppers

  1. Enter your product admin
  2. Create or modify an existing product
  3. You will see an option to add tags to the product
  4. Add tags that you would like to use to identify your products in the filters, separated by commas Here are some examples:
    S, M, L, XL, Red, Blue, Black, White

  1. When you have included your tags save the product and go to Themes > Customize theme and open a collection page to see collection page settings.
  2. In the left sidebar you will see the block content menu. Use the Filter option here and add it to your sidebar.
  3. Add a title and enter some of the tags that you have added to your products.
  4. Make sure that spelling and upper / lowercase is identical to how you entered the tags on your products!

Click save when done - this will apply filters to your collection pages that will allow customers see a refined view of the products in your store that match their filtered search.