Icon Theme: Using Product Shortcode Popups

The Icon theme has a shortcode feature to add link popups specific to each product.
For example, if you sell clothing and every shirt has a different size guide, or material, you can using product shortcodes to show these details in a popup. 

To enable this feature, first make sure each checkbox you want to utilize is selected under Product Shortcode Popups. You can only use each shortcode once. 

Then navigate to the product you'd like to edit in your admin. 
The regular product description will go at the very top inside the Description box. Below this text, you will add your shortcodes as follows: 

  • Product Size: [#size]  your text here  [/size]
  • Product fit/Care: [#other]  your text here  [/other]

Please note that these shortcodes are case-sensitive and must be exactly as shown.

The language default for these sections is "Sizing", "Product Care" and "Video". If you'd like to change these names, you can do so by following the below steps: 

In the Theme Editor go to Theme Actions > Edit Languages

Type in "Sizing", "Product Care" and "Video" into the search bar. Add in your desired word and click Save.