Theme customization & publishing

Once you have installed a theme to your Shopify store you can customize it using the settings and tools provided. 
Here we explain the options that are available.

  • Customize theme
  • Theme Actions
  • Publish theme

Customize theme

In your Shopify admin open: Online store > Themes
From here you can choose to work with your existing live theme or any other themes installed to your store. Clicking on Customize theme will take you into the theme editor where you can select your settings and add content to your themes.

Theme actions

Theme actions allow you to perform additional tasks with your theme:

  • Preview: Opens your store in a new window with this theme published
  • Publish: Replaces your current published theme with this (unpublished themes only)
  • Rename: Change the name of your theme
  • Duplicate: Copy this theme and it's settings to a new installation in your store, useful for backups and testing
  • Download theme file: Downloads your theme in a zipped file folder
  • Edit code: Purchased themes only, allows you to modify the code and files within your theme
  • Edit languages: Translate or change text used across your theme and checkout
  • Remove: Delete this theme from your store

Publish theme

Clicking on this button will publish the theme immediately within your store. This process takes less than 1 minute.