Icon Theme: Featured Content

The Featured Content section contains custom blocks that are shared with your stores Custom pages and so follow the same configuration steps.
The difference with the Featured content section is that the blocks chosen within will show on all pages of your store with the exception of the Home page, in a fixed position above your stores Footer.

On this page

  • Heading
    Add a Heading that will show above the content
  • Colors
    Sets the text and color options for this entire section
  • Borders & Spacing
    Add borders and adjust the spacing to separate this from content already showing on the page

Image with text overlay

The Image with Text Overlay block is very similar to the section on the homepage. It works great as a header on products and also really great as a call-to-action at the very end of Advanced Layout Product Pages. You add a full-width background image then you can add a heading and subheading.

Text columns with images

The Text Columns with Images block is very much like the section on the homepage. It allows you to feature 1-3 text columns with or without images. Each column also has an option for a heading and text content. Each column can be a link.

Image with text

The Image with Text block allows adding a heading, text, and button, paired with an image. The position of the image can be set to either the left or right side of the text. The width of the image can be changed from 33%, 50% or 66% and will automatically adjust the amount of text room next to it. The text can be aligned left or center. A button displays when a link is provided that can link customers to a page.

The Featured Collection block will allow you to choose a collection and it will show the first 2-30 products in the selected collection. The product layout can be either in a grid or carousel. If using the carousel option then the carousel's control styles can be changed to dots or arrows.

Collection list

The Collection List block is a list of selected collections to feature. First, choose your Collection List settings, choose a grid of 2, 3 or 4 collections. Then, under content select each collection to feature up to four.

Rich text

The Rich Text section allows you to use text content on the homepage. You can use the rich text box to type your message or in content from a Shopify page.