Foodie Theme: Setting up a Menu Collection

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The Foodie theme was designed with features for restaurants or businesses with Menus. In this guide, you will learn how to set up Menu pages. 

Adding your products

First, you will need to make sure all your menu items are set up as actual products in the Shopify Admin. If you don't plan to sell the item online you can still feature it on your menus and prevent anyone from purchasing it online by tagging the product with Instore Only learn more about setting up products here.

Create a collection

Next, you will create a collection. Go to the Shopify Admin > Products > Collections > click Create Collection. 

  • Title: Should be the name of the menu (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Seasonal, etc.)
  • Description: You can add a description of the menu or simply the time of day it's served, whatever details you need to share.
  • Collection Type > Conditions: Set up your collection conditions just as you have for other collections so it shows all the products pertaining to this menu.
  • Theme Templates: This setting is what makes this a Menu collection page (not a typical collection page). Select either "", "", "", "", or "" from the dropdown menu. *Note* be sure to use each template only once per collection, so do not use "" more than once.

Customize Collection

To customize your new collection go to the Theme Editor (Online Store > Themes > next to the theme to edit click Customize).

Collection Content

The Menu Collection template comes with three content block options.

  • Menu Collection: You can add a single collection or multiple collection blocks. For example, you may be making a menu page for Breakfast and your Breakfast menu has multiple collections such as Sweet, Savory, Sides, Drinks, etc. To make your menu collection page more organized create separate collections for each of those categories and then add each as a separate menu collection block.
  • Menu Key: The menu key can be used when you have important things to note about menu items. For example, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, etc. You can add up to 10 keys per key box. To make sure your products have the key label

  • To make sure your products show the proper key labels you will need to go to the product in the Shopify Admin, inside the Product Description you will add what we call a "Shortcode". The formatting is [#key]label one, label two, label three[/key] each key label is comma-separated.

  • Image w/Text: This content block will allow show below the rest of the page contents and you can add more than one. This is great for featuring other store content or further information about your menu.

Collection Settings

  • Banner Image Height: This setting allows you to edit the height of your collection banner image. To add a banner image to your collection follow this guide.
  • Page Image: Optionally split your menu page half and half with the menu on one side and a page image on the other. 

  • Page Image: If you upload a page image you can choose whether to show it on the left or right side of the page.
  • Show submenu of links: If you have multiple menus and want an easy way for customers to switch between them without going to your main menu you can use a submenu of links. Go to Navigations in your Shopify Admin and create a new menu with each of your menu collections. Select your new menu in this setting.

  • Submenu alignment: If you select a submenu you can choose to left or center align the menu items.