Foodie Theme: Setting up Locations Page

On this page:

To create a store locations page first create the page in the Shopify Admin and choose the page.locations template suffix.

To customize the Location page navigation to your new page while inside the theme editor.

Section Settings

  • Banner image: Upload a banner image for the top of the page using the same ratio images you have used for other page and collection banners.
  • Banner height: Set the height of the banner image.
  • Filter by: If you would like customers to be able to filter the locations, for example by state or by Pickup Available, Delivery. Type each state comma separated. 

Content Settings

Add a location content block for each store location.

  • Section height: Set the height of this specific location image and text section.
  • Layout: Choose between the image on the right or left of the text.
  • Image: Upload an image.
  • Filter tag: Type a single tag in the same way you typed it for the Section Setting (case sensitive).
  • Heading: Give the location a name.
  • Address: Give the location address.
  • Hours: Share the location's business hours.
  • Phone: Share the location's phone number.
  • Link one label and Link one: Optionally add a link to a different page like the locations Menu.
  • Link two label and Link two: Optionally add a link to a google map for directions.