Foodie Theme: Setting up the Footer Section

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Newsletter (Prefooter)

Adding a Newsletter signup section above your footer will encourage signups for customers who want to discover more about your store and brand.

Section settings:

  • Show newsletter subscribe
    Turning this setting off will hide the entire newsletter section above the footer.
  • Heading
    When asking users to provide you with their email for marketing it is important that they understand why and are offered reassurance that you will not be sending spam.
    Explain the benefits of signing up in detail.
  • Size and Style
    Set the heading size and style.

Section Settings: 

  • Footer Logo
    Optionally upload a logo to show in the footer.
  • Footer Text
    Optionally share a tagline or small sentence of info about your shop
  • Share social Icons
    Optionally show icons to your social media accounts. 
  • Footer menu
    Select a menu to show links horizontally in the footer.
  • Show credit card icons
    Icons for credit cards your shop accepts will show.
  • Grayscale payment icons
    If the credit card icons are showing, make them all greyscale to keep the site colors more neutral. 
  • Show site name and copyright
    Optionally show/hide the copyright and site name. 
  • Language Selector
    Our themes are provided with pre-defined translations for the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian)
    If enabled in your store dashboard via: settings > Languages you can enable these + more languages allowing customers to choose their local language when shopping.
  • Currency Selector
    Our themes are provided with currency conversion that is powered by Shopify payments.
    If enabled in your store dashboard via settings > Payments you can enable additional currencies allowing customers to choose their local currency when shopping.